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Brits are supplementing their lunches with snacks to the tune of £267m each week

1st Aug 17 9:36 am

What will you eat for lunch today?

A survey from MealPal, the lunch membership service that lets users access a lunch for under £5 a day, found that on average Brits eat at least one disappointing lunch each week; with the average person spending an extra £3.61 on snacks, per disappointing meal, to satisfy their stomachs. The survey of lunches from Monday to Friday also names people in Edinburgh as the most disappointed with lunch in the UK, followed closely by Londoners.

In addition, the UK wide survey of 1,200 Brits also found that 78 per cent have the same lunch more than once a week with almost 1 in 4 repeating their lunches a staggering three times a week between Monday and Friday.

The MealPal survey of weekday lunches also reveals that:

  • The sandwich is the UK’s most popular lunchtime choice
  • Healthy lunchtime salads are the most popular with people in the South East
  • People in the South East are the most likely to repeat lunch
  • The Welsh are the least likely to repeat lunches during the week
  • People in the North East are the most likely to regret the lunch they buy
  • People in the South West are the least likely to regret their lunch
  • People in Plymouth were the least likely to be disappointed with their lunch 

The ranking of the top 10 UK cities that are the most disappointed with their weekday lunches is as follows:

  1. Edinburgh
  2. London
  3. Liverpool
  4. Sheffield
  5. Southampton
  6. Manchester
  7. Bristol
  8. Leeds
  9. Glasgow
  10. Cardiff
  11. Birmingham

Nick Green, ‎General Manager UK at MealPal comments: “There is clearly something wrong if in 2017 Brits are still naming the sandwich as the go-to lunch-time meal. What’s more worrying is that despite being continually disappointed with their lunch, Brits still continue to have the same lunch, over and over again. With there being so many lunch options beyond the basic sandwich, now is the time for Brits to go out and explore some of their city’s best food, even on their lunchbreak.”

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