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Benefits of using conciergerie services when travelling to London for business

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7th Jun 22 2:22 pm

Hiring a concierge service is a great way to arrange any aspect of your life that you wish so that you can maximise your time. This may involve planning business trips, booking reservations, or even helping to run your everyday life. Although some people prefer to do these things on their own, many business travellers are increasingly turning to concierge services to manage these tasks for them. A good concierge should have an excellent knowledge of local services, facilities, and amenities to meet customers’ individual needs. This article will find the main benefits of using concierge services when travelling to London on a business trip.

1. It provides you with personalised services

The most reliable concierge services will provide you with your personal concierge. This means that you will deal with the same person every time, allowing them to learn about your tastes and preferences. This will personalise the service and as a result, your concierge will be able to pre-empt what you would like to do. Also, you will receive customised recommendations whenever you visit a new exciting destination, such as London. They will help you with any requests you may have, such as getting to know the area, finding a nice restaurant, or sourcing the perfect end-of-trip souvenir or gift for your family.

2. It creates the best guest experience

Having a concierge at your Airbnb in London who can help you deal with cleaning, laundry, and other day-to-day bits will ensure that your business trip goes as smoothly as possible. Therefore, if you are looking for Airbnb services in London, you may want to confirm that your host has arranged hosting services, such as the ones provided by GuestReady. This way, you will go through a seamless check-in and a guided check-out process, offering quality Airbnb management services in London. In addition, professional housekeeping services will ensure that you can always expect an impeccably clean place after you return from a business conference.

3. It saves you precious time

One of the most important benefits of using concierge services is that it can help you free up precious time. It allows you to experience the things you love, instead of spending time and effort researching and booking them. Also, while everyone loves to plan their getaway, planning business travel is often considered a hassle. Trying to pinpoint the best options for your business trips can be time-consuming, especially with plenty of different choices in a city like London. A good concierge can assist you by making recommendations in line with your budget and needs.

4. It gives you access to insider knowledge

A good concierge will always look for the best of everything for their clients, meaning that you always have access to their insider knowledge and skills. Therefore, they will pride themselves on going the extra mile to cater to your specific business needs. Apart from travel arrangements, they may be able to help you with sourcing or booking advance, last-minute or sold out tickets to London’s best venues, where you can attend theatre shows, music concerts, sporting events, or award ceremonies. Thanks to their insider knowledge and attention to the smallest details, you will also have a better chance of winning an important contract.

5. It reduces stress

When you set off on a business trip, you always want to make it as good as possible. However, most of the time, life throws you a curveball and your plans may easily change. As a result, you may have a big client asking you for dinner, but you have no idea what will impress them. With a packed schedule, it can be difficult to research great dining experiences in London and make a reservation on time. This is where a reliable concierge can come in handy, as they can quickly make changes on the road and secure last-minute reservations.

6. It offers convenience

It’s not only about offering solutions to problems you didn’t know you had or saving time, but it is also about the convenience of having someone on hand that you can easily contact. As a result, you can ensure that all your concentration is on work versus multiple other details of your trip. Your concierge will source and negotiate all travel-related activities on your behalf, while you focus on making conference calls, answering emails, and prepping for meetings. Therefore, they can reduce work-life friction for any business professional.

7. It ensures privileges and complimentary services

Wherever possible, an efficient concierge will be able to negotiate benefits, special privileges, and complimentary services for their clients. This may include priority reservations, exclusive discounts, free entry to clubs and networking events. Consequently, this can add great value for business customers, as it can help them save money and have the best possible experience. In addition, your concierge will keep you informed about new restaurants, under-the-radar offers, as well as new openings. Although concierge services may not be for everyone, if you like a bit of external help, they are the perfect solution for travel, lifestyle, or business.

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