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Turning your London property into a top-earning Airbnb

by Sarah Dunsby
22nd May 24 12:49 pm

Planning to become one of London’s top Airbnb hosts? Indeed, transforming your property into a short-term rental on this popular platform is a great way to earn extra income. However, it’s essential to understand the complexities involved, from local regulations to guest satisfaction, to make your venture thrive. This guide will help you convert your London property into a profitable Airbnb listing.

Understanding local regulations

First, it’s crucial to understand the regulations specific to short-term rentals in London, especially the 90-day limit on renting out an entire home without additional planning permission. To successfully manage these regulations, become acquainted with local rules like the “90-day rule Airbnb,” ensuring you remain compliant and avoid any penalties.

Creating a memorable guest experience

To make your property stand out in a crowded market, it’s crucial to focus on the guest experience:

  • First impressions count: Invest in professional, high-quality photos that showcase the best features of your property. A well-composed image can make a significant difference in attracting potential guests.
  • Detailed descriptions: Provide detailed descriptions that showcase your property’s charm and practical advantages, like its location and accessibility to popular tourist spots.
  • Highlight key amenities: Ensure that your listing mentions all the amenities that can enhance a guest’s stay, such as Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, or a fully equipped kitchen.

Safety and security

Prioritising the safety of your property and your guests is paramount:

  • Ensure that your property meets all necessary fire safety regulations.
  • Implement guest screening processes to maintain security.
  • Specify house rules clearly to manage expectations and minimise potential issues.

Become a Superhost.

Achieving Superhost status on Airbnb means providing a superior guest experience. Ensure excellent communication from the first inquiry to checkout and respond promptly to guest questions. Add thoughtful touches, like personalised local recommendations, to enhance their stay. These efforts help secure valuable 5-star reviews, making your listing stand out and encouraging repeat visits and recommendations.

Embrace technology

To manage your property efficiently and improve your hosting experience, technology can be a powerful tool:

1. Use Airbnb’s management tools: Take advantage of Airbnb’s built-in tools for booking management, pricing strategies, and streamlined communication.

2. Consider property management services: For a more hands-off approach, professional services like Smarthost can manage your property comprehensively, from handling bookings to maintaining the property. This can be particularly beneficial for hosts who value their time or manage multiple properties.

Tax essentials for hosts

Understand the tax implications of your Airbnb income. This includes declaring your earnings and understanding applicable deductions. Consider consulting with a tax professional or accountant to ensure you’re effectively meeting your financial responsibilities.


With thoughtful planning and the right strategies, you can transform your London property into a thriving Airbnb rental. Partnering with a comprehensive service provider like Smarthost can simplify the process, ensuring your property achieves its maximum potential in London’s competitive rental market. This approach will allow you to enjoy the benefits of property rental with ease and confidence.

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