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Artists make better traders than those who work in finance

20th Mar 18 8:01 am

Here’s why

Artist and designers make much better traders than people working in the finance industry, research by global trading and investment platform, eToro, revealed today.

They post average annual gains of 12.9% compared with just 9.4% for those in finance — underlining that trading is more art than science.

eToro studied the trading success of all clients over the past two years and ranked them according to their Return on Investment (ROI).

The only professionals to beat artists and designers are those in the IT industry, where workers clock up an impressive average annual gain of 13.6%.

Architects rank fourth with 9.2% annual returns and healthcare workers fifth, on9%.

Profession Annual Return*
Computer/IT Services 13.6%
Arts, Design 12.9%
Finance Industry 9.4%
Architecture/Engineering 9.2%
Healthcare 9.0%
Real Estate 8.9%
Legal 8.7%
Construction 8.7%
Education 8.4%
Tourism 7.7%
Sales/Marketing 7.6%
Retired 7.0%
Student 6.9%

*Source: eToro survey of all traders over the past two years.

Overall, it is men who perform better. Men make gains of 9.7% a year on average while women net annual average gains of 7.1%.

But women in certain walks of life tend to outperform their male colleagues. Female traders with careers in education, art and design, construction, estate agency and female students all trump their male colleagues when it comes to turning a profit.

Women take the biggest lead on men in the construction sector with average returns of 14.2% a year compared with 8.6% for men, making them the best traders out of all professions — both male and female.

Female students could teach their male counterparts a lesson or two with returns of 8.7% a year vs 6.8%. Women in education post average gains of9.6% compared with 8.1% for men.

Female estate agents and those working in art and design also come out marginally ahead of their male colleagues, with profits of 9% vs 8.9% and 13.5% vs 12.9% respectively.

eToro is a leading cryptocurrency platform that allows clients to own the underlying asset of the world’s biggest cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Dash, Litecoin, NEO, Stellar and others.

The award winning platform also give clients the opportunity to invest in 1,200 instruments across five other asset classes – stocks, commodities, ETFs, currencies and indices through CFDs.

Iqbal Gandham, UK managing director at eToro, commented:

“You would think people in the finance industry might have a nose for trading but the performance of artists and designers goes to show that it’s more art than science.

“It’s not all about the numbers. There are countless other factors to consider, such as trading psychology, instinct and resolve, all of which can play a huge part in trader behaviour and profitability.

“It’s possible that artists and designers could be benefiting from a novel perspec
tive on the machinations of the market. After all, their talent is being able to look at the big picture.”

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