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A quarter of Brits are taking up temporary work this Christmas to cover soaring seasonal costs

by LLB Finance Reporter
6th Dec 23 7:50 am

One in four Brits (23%) are picking up temporary work to help buffer their bank accounts during the costly Christmas season, according to data released today by Indeed Flex, the online marketplace for flexible and temporary work.

Inflation figures may be falling, but the cost of Christmas is rising, with the price of a turkey still higher than last year.

More than a third of Brits expect the additional work to cover seasonal expenses (36%), while the same proportion expect it to cover Christmas costs and some household bills.

Even full-time workers are feeling the pinch, with a fifth (19%) picking up temporary work. Nearly half of people temping this holiday season (44%) say they did not need to do any extra work last year.

The main motivation for a fifth (20%) of those doing temporary work this Christmas is rocketing food and energy prices, with electricity and gas costs still at an all-time high.

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Meanwhile, a fifth (19%) want to take up temporary work so they can have access to their wages instantly. This is made even easier for Indeed Flex’s temporary workers, who can access up to 70% of their wages within hours of finishing a shift with its Instant Pay service.

As an added Christmas boost, temporary workers in the UK are also seeing their average pay rise faster than all other job roles. Separate data by Indeed Flex revealed that the hourly pay rates for temporary jobs listed on its platform surged by an average of 8.56% over the past year, which outpaced the official government figure of 7.8% from June to August.

Novo Constare, CEO and Co-founder of Indeed Flex, said: “Christmas is often the most expensive time of the year, and with prices still significantly higher than last year, it’s no wonder that people are looking for temporary work to earn some extra cash.

It’s also peak season for employers – especially in hospitality, retail, and warehouses – who rely on temporary workers to ramp up operations during Christmas, meaning plenty of roles become available for those hunting for this type of work.

“But beyond the cash boost for the holidays, its flexibility also allows Brits to fit in shifts and extra hours around their existing job or responsibilities.

The adaptability and flexibility of temporary workers have become a crucial support for businesses – but not just over the Christmas period. As many businesses continue to struggle with workforce shortages, more and more are turning to temporary workers.

“While they offer an immediate solution to staffing gaps, a substantial number choose to work with the same employer on a regular and consistent basis.

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