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A new Alexa skill to heal your ailments

by Peter Smyth Tech Journalist
14th Jul 20 6:02 am

From the 15 July 2020, you will be able to ask Alexa to help transform your health and more without leaving your sofa.

This is all thanks to venerable new age transformational leader and world-renowned healer Master Sha. The Alexa skill is released alongside his podcast “Experience Life Transformation,” which shares ancient Chinese wisdom and practices, promising to improve your health, wealth and relationships.

These are bold claims, but Master Sha’s particular brand of ancient wisdom combined with scientific and technological metaphors resonates in the 21st century, attracting a significant following.

He has an engaged Facebook following of over 100k, and 10 centres in major cities in North America, Europe and the Caribbean, which in the current pandemic are attended virtually by thousands of students and everyday people seeking healing and transformation. He also has a number of celebrity endorsements. including Roberta Flack, Maya Angelou and Wayne Dyer, and has been written up in Wired magazine.

Now he is on a mission to reach a new audience, by integrating his teachings into a cutting-edge digital package beamed straight into our homes and headphones.

Master Sha said, “This is a time of great challenges for humanity and Mother Earth. My Alexa skill shares ancient practices adapted for the modern world, to help us heal and transform and to raise our shared consciousness.”

Simply ask, “Alexa, open Master Sha” to receive blessings, take part in guided meditations or have the chance to sing along to the Love, Peace and Harmony song (a song gifted to Master Sha from Heaven and sung by the master healer himself).

The podcast takes you through the ancient wisdom and practice of the Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water), each one relating to healing specific areas the body and emotions like anxiety, worry, fear, anger and depression.

The “Experience Life Transformation” podcast is already available and the Alexa Skill goes live on 15 July 2020.

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