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A ‘foolish Prime Minister’ urged to practice ‘bunker drills’ as the UK has entered into a ‘pre-war world’

8th Apr 24 6:48 am

James Heappey who resigned as the Defence Minister at the end of March has said that the UK has to get serious in preparing for war.

Heappey called Rishi Sunak a “foolish Prime Minister” and warned that in the long-term there could be instability leading to another new “Cold War” or even something “hotter,” meaning a nuclear war.

He wrote in the Sunday Telegraph that when Ben Wallace was the Defence Secretary is tried to get government departments to get involved with exercise evacuations to head to bunkers in the even the UK enters war.

Most officials refused not to take part in the “whole of government” evacuation exercises as Wallace wanted “to get people down to the bunker so they could see what their working environment in war would be.”

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He added, “In the end, rather depressingly, it was just defence ministers, senior military officers and MoD officials that participated.

Heappey continued, “I suspect there are plenty of cabinet ministers who don’t even know where their desk or bed in the bunker is.

“There might even be one or two who don’t even know where the bunker is.”

He warned that the UK are “a long way behind” being prepared for war and what that reality will bring, he added that the evacuation bunker drills would have ultimately exposed just how out of date the exercises are.

He slammed Sunak and said that “Only a foolish PM wouldn’t see that the long-term trend is towards global instability that could easily lead to a new cold war and perhaps something even hotter.

Preparing for war now both through increasing spending on defence but also through a focus on our strategic resilience is the best way to maximise the chance of peace.

The current Defence Secretary Grant Shapps has warned that the whole of NATO has now moved from “a post war to a pre-war world.”

General Sir Richard Barrons and former Defence Secretary’s have issued a chilling warning over the preparedness of the British Army and slammed the government for have their heads in the sand believing that “everything will go away.”

Earlier this week General Barrons told the Sun, “If we put today’s British army in front of an enemy like Russia, they would not be ready and would take massive casualties.

“The military – the Armed Forces, Navy and Air Force – know that they are not ready to fight against a mobilised and aggressive Russia as part of NATO.”

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