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UK prepares for war ramping up defence budget as Shapps warns the ‘era of the peace dividend is over’

15th Jan 24 11:19 am

The Defence Secretary Grant Shapps has committed the UK to a 2% spending targets on the defence budget as we are living in a “far more dangerous world.”

Shapps has said that it is “critical” that NATO members increase their defence budgets to at 2% of GDP and the UK will “strive” to hit the 2.5% goal “as soon as possible.”

On Monday the Defence Secretary will give a wide ranging speech and Shapps is urging NATO to ramp up their budgets as the “era of” the peace dividend is not “over.”

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Speaking to Sky News Shapps was asked what his message is to allies, the Defence Secretary said, “This is an inflection moment to actually ask members of NATO to look at their budgets, to come forward with the funds which bring them up to the level that NATO’s committed to spending.

“The purpose of this speech today is to ensure that the whole of NATO does indeed share the burden.”

During a speech at Lancaster House over the war in Ukraine and military action taken by the US and UK Shapps said, “Now is the time for all allied and democratic nations across the world to… ensure their defence spending is grown, because the era of the peace dividend is over.

“Ask yourself, looking at today’s conflicts across the world, is it more likely that that number grows or reduces?

“I suspect we all know the answer – it is likely to grow.”

He added, “We have made the critical decision to set out our aspiration to reach 2.5% of GDP on defence.

“And as we stabilise and grow the economy, we will continue to strive to reach that as soon as possible.”

Shapps is also expected to say on Monday that the UK will send 20,000 troops to one of NATO’s largest military exercises since the Cold War.

Shapps will announce during a speed on Monday that members of the Army, Navy and RAF will perform military drill across Europe to practice repelling an invasion by Russian forces.

The 20,000 troops will be parts of Steadfast Defender exercise to provide “vital reassurance against the Putin menace” as the West stands at a “crossroads.”

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