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A brief detail on how you can sell properties in London

by Sarah Dunsby
3rd Dec 18 11:02 am

Renting and selling properties in London have become a headache for many residential people as well as foreigners from outside due to increased prices of the property taxes, housing benefit bills and rental prices affected by the inflation rates from a decade.

The housing society of London is quite a complicated one due to the combination of various types of properties like mansions, flats, bungalows, private rents; social rents, shared ownership properties and mostly all of them have their own tenures. So buying a permanent property in London is a very expensive and rare thing and if somebody does that he/she has to borrow a big fat loan for the purchase.

So selling of properties in London due to these reasons has become a big issue due to its ongoing housing crisis. Also as per the recent inflation rate in 2018 where average price has increased 2.70 percent on every item, purchasing and renting properties have become more expensive and interest rates are also expected to increase.

This will continue to remain at least for a few years more until a permanent solution is found. So to assist people from this gruesome situation and save them from the brokerage commission, iMoveEstates have developed an online solution through their website acting as online estate agents for London people.

About iMoveEstates

iMoveEstates is a London based online estate agency that believes in assisting people for selling and renting properties from beginning to end. It not only promotes your properties in various real estate websites and online portals and draws customers to your but also helps you in saving a lot of money which otherwise would have drained if you have appointed any broker for the same. It does not charge you any extra brokerage fees and comes in subscription packs for each service. You can select the ones you would like to have in your marketing promotions and only that amount will be payable from your side. It has more than 10 years of experience with rental and sales platform and even provides you financial and legal assistance required for the same. It is an excellent website to sell and rent properties without being financially drained.

How to do hassle free renting and selling through iMoveEstates

Selling Model

The property selling model comes with standard and premium subscription packs of 249 pounds and 399 pounds respectively providing you marketing assistance, negotiating assistance, professional photography services of your property, advertisement on all top rated real estate portals with 1 year listing, creating professional brochures of your property, online video shoots and all kinds of facilities with legal assistance required for an effective marketing.

Rental Model

The property renting model, on the other hand, comes with Standard Tenant finder subscription pack available at 99 pounds and Premium Tenant finder subscription pack available at 339 pounds. We provide numerous rental services for the above packs like the online advertisement with 3 months listing on popular real estate portals, market assistance and guidance, Tenant credit check with feedback, brochure creation, video creation and all required facilities for renting a property.

  1. You need to create an account first and fill the property details to get the trending market rates immediately so that you get to understand what price selling or renting will be beneficial for you.
  2. Your official account holding the property details will be published immediately on the advertising portals as soon as you confirm the rate. You need to select the subscription packs for selling and renting and as per that you will be guided with the amendments from marketing to attracting new customers online along with the view requests so that you can contact them easily for a meeting.
  3. The advertising media not only involves the real estate websites like Zoopla, Rightmove, Primelocation etc but also displays your property in your active social networking sites covering a broader perspective of the audience and providing better chances of turning them into customers.
  4. It also helps you save money by charging only 1.8% as the agent fee from your property value and the rest is all your savings. Also, there is no extra commission fee as brokerage charge.


IMoveEstates has emerged as an excellent solution for London residents for selling and renting properties cost affordably without an extra headache.

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