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Do these six things to boost your vacation rental business

by John Saunders
24th Mar 20 3:32 pm

Vacation rental owners spin many wheels when operating a short-term rental property. Success lies in keeping the property booked, and that means knowing how to market the vacation rental property. Address these few key areas to keep guests booking your vacation rental.

Six vacation rental tips for owners

An effective property profile isn’t a basic list of the amenities. Follow common vacation rental tips for owners below to optimize your property profiles.

1. Optimise your property profile

Well-crafted property profiles sell the viewer on the booking. Write the property description first. Do more than list the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Spell out the benefits of booking the place. Do guests have direct access to the lake, or can they walk to downtown? Is there a garden they can pick fresh produce from or a wrap-around porch with scenic views? Craft the vacation narrative in your words.

For the title, pick the best parts of the description. Avoid empty descriptive words, like “beautiful” and “spectacular,” which are subjective to the viewer. Do put two or three selling points. Example: “Top-floor condo, mountain views, hot tub on the terrace.”

Write a few versions. Test titles by rotating the words and seeing which one earns a higher view count and bookings.

Most importantly, when guests are looking at how to rent a vacation home, they want to see fresh profiles. Keep your property profile updated with any new stores, construction, or property amenities so visitors know you are an active owner.

2. Show-off your property with professional photos and videos

Photos play a significant role in how to market your vacation rental property. Smartphones are convenient, and most have a decent camera, but this is a business. Smart owners hire a professional real estate photographer to capture their home’s best angles for showing off the vacation rental property. Remember, photos help sell the story of staying at your vacation rental.

Don’t forget marketing videos, too. Having a vacation rental video differentiates your home from competitors’ and is a better way to highlight the rental’s layout and amenities.

3. Maintain and update rates

Vacation rental owners need to know the rates of similar properties in the area to set competitive vacation rental rates. As an example, see this rental market research of different London neighborhoods. This gives London owners an idea of what demand they can expect for short-term rentals.

Supply and demand changes in the vacation rental market play a role in rate-setting. Some areas have a peak season and off-season. A major event could triple interest for a particular time.

Vacation rental owners need to know what drives people into the area and adjust their prices accordingly. Dynamic pricing that fluctuates with the demand helps maximize the property’s revenue and its marketing. If you know demand is low, dynamic pricing allows you to woo the booking using a special discount.

4. Promote your vacation listing across platforms

Don’t only rely on Airbnb to serve up your listing to searchers. You’ve got to think about how to market your vacation rental property yourself. Use every marketing tool at your disposal. Here are some useful marketing tips for renting your vacation home:

  • Add the vacation rental listing to the major listing platforms;
  • Use your social media accounts to create paid advertisements for the vacation rental listing;
  • Find online forums or online travel websites to list your vacation rental;
  • Create a property-specific website to promote its amenities and make it searchable.

5. Create a “wow” effect for your guests

Someone renting out a vacation home expects an unforgettable experience. Leave a positive first impression on guests, and then keep delivering.

Start with a smart interior design in-theme with your area that blends guest comfort with easy maintenance. The home’s design is their first impression; cleanliness is the second. Make sure all the surfaces are sparkling clean, including the windows. Natural light makes a big difference.

Next, think beyond Airbnb’s basic recommendations for vacation rental amenities. Yes, homes need kitchen silverware and bath towels, but these are expected. What extras go above and beyond? Help them build memories during their stay. Add board games for all ages. Leave some pet toys in a basket. Gift a basket of fresh-picked apples from a local apple orchard.

Recommendations are key in how to market vacation rental property. Getting them starts with a positive impression. Check up on your guests a day after they’ve settled in. They will be impressed you are making sure they have everything they need and will surely leave a positive review.

6. Use vacation rental software for automation

According to iGMS, one key to successfully starting a vacation management business is setting up the right workflow. Vacation rental software helps automate much of the routine work. Let the software help with your communication, team management, syncing booking calendars, and much more. Using software like iGMS can help solicit more guest reviews, which are essential for marketing your vacation rental property.

If you’re concerned about how to market vacation rental property to the widest audience, the secret is three-fold. Use everything you can to sell a vacation story with images and words. Create unforgettable guest experiences through management choices and by using software to streamline the daily management. Let these vacation rental tips help you deliver a fabulous guest experience and win more bookings.

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