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Eight stunning outdoor flooring materials you should consider

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1st Sep 19 2:13 pm

Your outdoor space is an area of concern. This is the area that gives an impression of your interior. There are various options when it comes to exterior flooring materials. There are many factors to consider when choosing your outdoor flooring material. The material should be elegant, durable and resistant to weather changes. The main goal is to give your home the perfect look it deserves.

The best option should be cheap to purchase and maintain, strong and resistant to weather change. Take time to make a decision and consult the experts.

Factors to consider

The best flooring material depends on how you will be using your outdoor space. You need help to choose the best material. If you want a children’s playground, then you may consider a well-kept lawn. On the other hand, if you consider putting furniture, you may consider other options such as wood, ceramic tiles and concrete floor just to mention a few. The following are some of the best exterior flooring options.

1. Composite decking

This is one of the standard outdoor flooring options. Decking board is readily available in many countries and it is long-lasting and durable. However, composite decking must be cleaned to prevent staining. This option also comes with maintenance cost.

Decking boards are real stunners and they are quite comfortable to walk on. They can be fixed to fit modern technology. People from all corners of the world are embracing composite decking boards due to their luxury vinyl look.


  • They are fire resistance
  • Easily accessible
  • Works great in outdoor flooring

2. Pavers/bricks

Bricks are stylish and give your outdoor space an upscale look. There are different types of brick designs made of different materials. This option is best suitable in an area where there are angles and curves. Nevertheless, bricks and pavers attract high maintenance cost.

Merits of bricks

  • Bricks are durable more than you can think of
  • Natural brick has a unique look
  • Suitable for cold areas. Brick almost stays quite warm
  • Brick aid in preserving the environment. Bricks are made from reclaimed materials from building demolitions

Demerits of bricks

  • They are porous, therefore they tend to retain water
  • They are heavy, therefore difficult to take up and replace

3. Concrete flooring

This is the most common flooring option. The most common type is a grey slab. However, there are several styles of concrete flooring. Concrete floor can be painted to give a stunning look. They can also be stained to resemble natural stone. Concrete is durable and probably the only flooring option that has zero maintenance cost.

4. Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles will give your outdoor space a glamorous look. There are different types of tiles which depend on where they are to be fixed. We have wall tiles, interior and exterior tiles. Exteriors tiles are made of strong and durable material to enable them to withstand heavyweight and different weather conditions. Non-slippery tiles are better to prevent people from slipping off when the floor is wet.

Merits of outdoor ceramic tile flooring

  • Tiles have a luxurious look
  • They are pretty easy to clean

Demerits of ceramic tile flooring

  • Ceramic tiles are extremely slippery making them not suitable for wet areas
  • They become extremely cold during winter seasons

5. Artificial grass

Modern man-made grass has made a name in outdoor flooring. The fake grass looks amazingly natural and you can hardly different it with natural grass. Artificial grass is ideal in an area where it is difficult to grow and maintain natural grass. The grass has a realistic look and feel.

Merits of artificial grass

  • The grass is soft. You can comfortably sit on it or just lay down and enjoy the evening sunshine.
  • No more allergies. Some people feel itchy after laying on natural grass. With artificial grass, you can wave allergies a goodbye
  • Did I mention that no more time of mowing the lawn and sprinkling the grass?
  • An ideal for kids and pets. Kids and pets can enjoy running around

Demerits of artificial grass

  • For those who appreciate natural things, this is not real grass
  • Its less expensive but wear and tear with time

6. Gravel

This is another cheap option of outdoor flooring. Several types of gravel can be used in outdoor flooring. Gravel can be fixed in uneven areas where there are curves and angles. Also, gravel comes in many colours, therefore, it’s a great ideal of achieving that natural look. However, gravel is not a stable flooring option. It can be hard to place seats and tables on it.

7. Rubber tile

This is a durable and long-lasting flooring option. There are different types of rubber tiles depending on the texture. Nonetheless, moulds can grow on rubber tiles when not well maintained. Rubber discolour with time if exposed to harsh weather conditions. Rubber tiles are congruent in play areas since they are soft thus offer safety.

8. Natural stone

Natural stones are extremely long-lasting and maintenance-free. Natural stone range from cut pavers to flagstones. Preferably hard stones are more suitable since they don’t crack and chip in cold areas.


There are lavish and charming outdoor flooring options to choose from. The factors to consider when choosing outdoor flooring material are cost, personal preferences and location to be fixed.  

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