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Which tools will help you grow your business?

by John Saunders
9th Mar 22 5:53 pm

In the digital world, growing your business, often means finding the right tools to do so. Sometimes, they render your employees more efficient, and at others they make you save money, while it is also possible that some do both. Let’s take a look at the tools that a company can use to grow their business.

A VoIP communication system

This is a tool that will indeed do both for you. Compared to a landline communication system, VoIP will be a lot less expensive. Most importantly, it will enable the managers of the company to link it to the CRM, so that your customer service team becomes a lot more efficient, having all the information they need showing up on their computer, regarding a specific client, when they call in. To hire a company like  Aircall, VoIP provider, will also increase your team’s mobility. Whether they work from home or are on the road, all employees will be able to receive their calls and get the necessary information through their PC. That is why a VoIP communication system is the first tool that all companies need, to grow their business.

A social media template provider

Digital marketing, in 2022, starts by taking care of all social media. This is not an easy task, as it is time consuming. But the biggest difficulty that company faces, in this regard, is to be able to create professional looking posts, that will please customers and prospects alike, on a constant basis. It doesn’t take much to lose the interest of an internet user, these days. A few bad posts and they may decide to unfollow you. By using social media templates, you will always be at the top, technologically speaking. Since social media are one of the main tools to increase sales, this service is definitely one that you shouldn’t pass on.

An AI answering service online

When you enter on a website and a box opens-up to ask if someone can help you, it is probable that that the “person” on the other end of the conversation is an AI (Artificial Intelligence). They have been created to answer the most simple questions or the ones that come up most often. They can understand what the client is looking for, in most cases, and answer them or send them to a link where they will find what they are looking for. When the AI cannot complete its task, it will call upon an employee to continue the conversation. Of course, being there for potential customers, at all time, is one thing that will help you grow the company.

Hire a consultant

When your main objective is to grow, you should always look for a specialist in the field, to either enter into the company, or to come as a helping hand, through consultancy. Having an expert is also a tool that will increase revenues. It is simply impossible for the president of a company to be the best at everything. The faster you realize you could use outside help, the more rapidly your company will grow.

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