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US-China tensions rise over ‘predatory’ Chinese Greenland operation

16th May 20 2:59 pm

Tensions are reaching boiling point as China’s ambassador to Denmark has furiously hit out at over US claims they in a “predatory” Arctic power grab.

China has been accused by the US that Beijing’s involvement in Greenland is advancing into “predatory economic interests.”

Also, China are projecting “authoritarian values” in Arctic regions, including Greenland, claims American envoy to Denmark, Carla Sands.

The Chinese Ambassador to Denmark, Feng Tie wrote in the Danish-language newspaper Altiget on Wednesday, and hit back at Sands in what he calls “absurd and misleading” claims.

Feng said, “it is important to remember that any cooperation is voluntary. China can in no way impose cooperation on Greenland or Denmark.”

The Chinese Ambassador dismissed claims that Beijing are “gradually trying to penetrate the Arctic” by gaining a “foothold” through a network of scientific observation posts across the region.

Sands further accused China of polluting the “peaceful and fragile environment,” Feng then accused the US of hypocrisy.

Feng said, “In Greenland, US pollution is extremely extensive, and we may only know the tip of the iceberg.”

Making reference to a US B-52 bomber laden with four nuclear bombs incident in 1968 which caused “radioactive pollution.”

The Chinese Ambassador hit back saying, “The crash caused radioactive pollution in the area. Local people still report animals born with malformations.”

Andreas Forsby, a researcher with the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies at the University of Copenhagen, told the South China Morning Post, “Over the past couple of years, the Trump administration has been very explicit in its communication about not wanting China to be engaged in Greenland in any meaningful sense.

“China’s investment plans in recent years have been blocked by the Danish government, under pressure from Washington.”

America have increased their spending by $12.1m in economic aid to Greenland and are to set up a consulate in the country, to counter China’s influence.

Antarctica in unaffected by the coronavirus pandemic and as most countries pulled their teams out, but Russia and China have continued their Antarctic programmes taking advantage of the virus.

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