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UK’s top military chief warns global tensions are ‘coming to the boil’

8th May 24 4:14 pm

The head of the British Armed Forces Admiral Sir Tony Radakin has warned that tensions across the world are “coming to the boil.”

Sir Tony said that North Korea is “belligerent” and that China is “more assertive” and he referenced the “barbaric attacks in Israel” on 7 October 2023.

He told the Ash Carter Exchange in Washington these conflicts have helped to inflame other hostilities globally, he added, “All around the world long-simmering tensions feel like they are coming to the boil.

“The world is undeniably becoming much more dangerous. It has gone from being competitive to contested and now – as we saw from Iran’s attack against Israel – it is increasingly combative.”

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Speaking about the war in Ukraine he said that Russia is showing no signs of the ending the conflict and that Vladimir Putin is operating on a “downward trajectory.”

The head of the British Armed Forces said, “What we have seen unfold in the past few years is a battle of ideas: between an authoritarian and belligerent Russia and a dynamic, democratic Ukraine; between a reckless Iran and its terrorist network on one side, and the responsible nations of the Middle East on the other; between a China that believes it can dominate and coerce, and those nations that share a commitment to an international system that is open and free.”

He then warned that Russian forces have made “modest tactical gains” and the other challenge is the “Axis of Evasion” between Moscow, Tehran and Beijing.

Sir Tony insisted that “NATO is stepping up.

“Since the 2014 Wales Summit, defence spending by Europe and Canada has increased by more than $600 billion.

“Our collective defence budget is three-and-a-half times more than Russia and China combined.”

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