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‘Ukraine’s spies to intensify intelligence operations’ and ‘conduct sabotage strikes deep in Russia’

by Mark Channer War Correspondent
21st Dec 23 3:52 pm

The Ukrainian State Security Service (SBU) have vowed to conduct “sabotage strikes” deep inside Russian territory.

Ukrainian spies said that they will “intensify intelligence operations” to work behind enemy lines to identify priority targets.

Ukrainian spies have said they will target logistic corridors for weapons and supplies, Russian warships and bases.

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Head of the Ukrainian special service Vasyl Maliuk gave a statement to Politico on Thursday saying, “Ukraine’s spies aim to intensify intelligence operations and conduct sabotage strikes deep in Russian-controlled territory next year to bring the war as close to the Kremlin as possible.

“Among the priority targets are Russian warships, military bases, logistics corridors for arms supplies, etc.

“The SBU carries out targeted point strikes.

“We stab the enemy with a needle right in the heart. Each of our special operations pursues a specific goal and gives its result.

“All this in a complex complicates the capabilities of the Russian Federation for waging war and brings our victory closer.”

The spy chief said that the special service are already working to push the Russian Black Sea Fleet out of Crimea which was illegally annexed by Vladimir Putin in 2014.

With the help of those little guys we are gradually pushing the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation out of Crimea,” Maliuk added.

He said that the “Sea Baby” drones have already helped to push Putin’s Black Sea Fleet ouf of Crimea and they have restored ports for shipping.

The SBU will carefully select their targets before striking on Russian bases which are used to conduct strikes inside Ukraine.

It is a legitimate target for us, according to international law and the rules of war,” the SBU spy chief said.

He added, “This is our land and we will use all possible methods to free it from the occupiers.”

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