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Ukraine deploys ‘Kamikaze drones’ which ‘explode on impact’ creating a significant ‘psychological’ role in the war

by LLB political Reporter
2nd Apr 22 3:30 pm

Ukrainian troops are using “kamikaze drones” which “explode on impact” once they have hit a Russian target which will place a significant “psychological” role in the minds of their enemy.

The deadly switchblade disposable kamikaze drones will certainly provide a significant push back against Russian troops which will place further fear in their minds.

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The Switchblade drones are so light they weigh less than six pounds and are that small they can be placed in backpacks and fired from anywhere and are operated they same way as a normal drone that the public would use.

Military analyst Cedric Leighton said, “The terror aspect of these weapons is a significant psychological factor on the battlefield.”

He added, “My personal guess is that probably about 20% to 30% of the kills that the Ukrainians are registering are against Russian armour.

“And against other Russian entities is probably due to their very successful employment of these drones.”

CNN’s Tom Foreman said, “Unlike massive military drones which fly hundreds of miles an hour over vast distances, often to drop missiles and return home.

“Loitering munition drones are small slow and disposable, the SwitchBlade 300 for example, weighs less than six pounds.

“And can be carried in a backpack, launch quickly and easily, it will cruise at 60mph for fifteen minutes whilst onboard cameras and GPS hunt for nearby enemy assets.

“Once a target is spotted and the command is given, the drone can sprint up to 100mph.

“Dive and explode on impact, but as the battle has raged military analysts say Ukrainians, who have such drones too, have turned the tables on the Russians.

“Using them to much deadlier effect.”

Speaking to Sky News about the kamikaze drones, the British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said, “We’ve seen footage we can’t verify but we’ve seen footage of Ukrainians using UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) to attack petrol train convoys, to go after logistical lines, we’ve seen lines blown up, all the things you and I think of when it comes to resistance.”

Wallace said the Ukrainians have a “very clever plan” for the war.

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