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UK warned sending any weapons to Ukraine ‘will make it even more bloody’ as they will become ‘legitimate targets’

by LLB political Reporter
2nd Apr 22 2:31 pm

The Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has said the UK will send state of the art anti-ship missile systems to Ukraine, which will make them “legitimate targets” and “will make it even more bloody,” a Russian official warned.

The Russian ambassador to the UK Andrey Kelin told the Russian TASS news agency that these “high-precision weapons” will be “destabilising.”

Kelin warned, “Any supply of weapons is destabilising, especially those that Wallace spoke about.

“They aggravate the situation, make it even more bloody. These, apparently, are new, fairly high-precision weapons.

“Of course, they will be legitimate targets for our Armed Forces if they cross the Ukrainian border.”

Wallace announced that the UK has sent Starstreak and many more weapons to Ukraine which includes thousands of Next Generation Light Anti-tank Weapon (NLAW) missiles, which will be a game changer.

The NLAW missile systems can be fired from a shoulder and will destroy their targets up to 7km away.

Kelin told TASS, “I have a feeling that in London, ideas about what is happening in Ukraine militarily are formed from the bravura reports of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and the Ukrainian leadership.

“If you look at the maps that are now published here in newspapers and magazines, they really taken from Ukrainian sources exclusively.

“It is still believed there that the Azov battalion is about to liberate Mariupol, that in the Luhansk region the people’s militia forces have not advanced anywhere and are still standing still.

“[The British authorities] create a picture such as, apparently, they see it from the bunker of [Ukrainian President] Zelensky.

“And on the basis of these ideas, decisions are made, statements are made that, in general, contradict reality – that Ukraine still needs to be given weapons more, and then a turning point will come, and there is no need to conduct negotiations now.

“This is an ostrich position, this is an attempt to hide one’s head in the sand from impotence and blind rage.

“These wrong decisions are very dangerous, because they are aimed at continuing the conflict, at the unwillingness to work in favour of a settlement.

“They testify to the desire to harm our side as much as possible.

“Westerners, first of all, Anglo-Saxons, they knock down Ukrainian negotiators, setting them up for unacceptable, unreasonable and divorced from the real position, from what is happening on the ground, demands.”

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