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Ukraine are ‘degrading ammunition stock’ following ‘the biggest explosion’ so far seen at a Russian occupied city

by LLB staff reporter
13th Jul 22 4:14 pm

Ukrainian forces have blown up another ammunition depot at a Russian occupied city which has so far not been attacked before.

Ukrainian forces are using the The M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) which was donated by the US and they are successfully “degrading Russian ammunition stock.”

Military expert Professor Michael Clarke told Sky News, “The HIMAR system… they’ve only got a few of them but my goodness they are making them count.

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“They are attacking Russian command centres and ammunition dumps.

“A couple of days ago, Nova Kakhovka, down near Kherson.

“There was this massive ammunition dump explosion and then last night a big explosion at an ammunition dump in Luhansk city.

“This is the first time Luhansk has been attacked since the beginning of the war.

“It’s held by Russian separatists but these HIMAR rockets, these multiple launch rockets, they’re so accurate that when they hit the ammunition dump they don’t hit anything else, so there’s not much danger of civilian casualties.

“Last night, with rockets fired from Bakhmut, which is quite near the front line, Ukrainians targeted a big ammunition dump in Luhansk.

“So the Russians can’t do very much about it and what the Ukrainians are doing is degrading Russian ammunition stock, they are running down their ability to keep feeding shells into their artillery, Russians rely a lot on artillery, the Ukrainians are doing quite a lot to neutralise that.

“Whether they’ve done enough, we don’t know, but they are certainly slowing down the movement of Russian forces as this next phase of the attack develops.”

He added that the explosion in Nova Kakhovka is the “biggest that we’ve seen so far” since the war started on 24 February.

He said, “The Ukrainians targeted an ammunitions depot at Nova Kakhovka which is at the end of a rail junction on one of the bridges over Dnipro river.

“It was huge and that particular explosion the Ukrainians say was created by their high mobility artillery rocket system (HIMARS), which is their system.”

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