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UK heating engineers earn £23,000 less than US counterparts

by LLB Finance Reporter
9th Aug 23 7:43 am

Market analysis from Fair Fix, the boiler engineer experts, reveals that UK heating engineers rank a disappointing seventh in the league table of global engineer salaries, and fall thousands of pounds behind the European leader.

Fair Fix has analysed average annual salaries for heating engineers in 15 countries and found that UK engineers rank in a disappointing seventh place, earning more than £23,000 less than their peers in the USA.

American engineers are by far the most well-paid, earning an average annual salary of £67,000.

Australia engineers rank second, earning a handsome £54,427.

In third place, and the highest ranked European nation, Germany pays its heating engineers £52,826 a year, followed by Canada (£52,382), UAE (£48,065), and New Zealand (£47,484).

In seventh place, UK engineers earn an average salary of £44,456.

Despite being far from the top, this mid-table position does mean that the UK ranks above the likes of France (£43,828), Italy (£39,780), and Spain (£38,765), and it looks like a true fortune compared to India where an engineer’s average salary of £12,037 places them firmly at the bottom of the table.

Founder of Fair Fix, Tyrone Ekrem said, “There’s a common misconception within the UK that heating engineers charge far too much for the service they provide.

However, when you take costs such as parts out of the equation, this simply isn’t the case and actually, UK heating engineers earn considerably less when compared to some of their global counterparts when it comes to their average salary.

This is despite the fact that they are in extremely high demand throughout the year, not to mention the fact that they play a vital role in keeping our homes running.”

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