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Tube to run till 2am on Friday and Saturday nights from 2015

by LLB Editor
30th Jan 13 5:18 pm

Good news Londoners! The Tube will run extended services until 2am starting 2015.

A new timetable will be charted for services running an extra hour over the weekends on tube lines going north-to-south and east-to-west.

Speaking at a London Evening Standard debate, Transport for London  (TfL) boss Mike Brown said: “The Tube is the artery of London and we want to make the city’s heart beat strongly and later on into the night.

“It will be a real benefit for London’s night-time economy, either for people working late or enjoying themselves. If people want to buy that extra meal, cup of coffee or pint of beer, why wouldn’t we want to encourage that?

“Following the success of the Olympics and the historic records of reliability, there is a great opportunity to consider what more we could do with our hours — particularly late running on Fridays and Saturdays.”

Brown further went on to say that pay for extra hours would be negotiated and that he expects unions to “welcome the prospect of earning some more money”.

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