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Tips and tricks for high-quality blogging: content, readers, publishing, tech support and more

8th May 18 2:02 pm

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No matter the reasons behind your desire to have a personal blog, it’s all about the will to communicate something to a broad audience. There are a few things worth taking note of before deciding to create your very own blog and the first, and the most important one is understanding that after your content becomes public, it will be owned by your community of readers.

Personal blogs are not that different from business blogs or a career blog. All of them need a vast amount of thinking and knowledge before starting putting your words on the screen. There are a few crucial factors that need to be taken into consideration to help you keep your head on your shoulders after your info becomes available to the public.

Hosting your own blog

If you decide to host your own blog, it can grow into something bigger. You have to understand that regardless of a blog’s stability at a particular moment, this is not something that is set in stone to last forever. On the other hand, keeping a self-hosted blog lest you broaden your audience, offering you increased control over it.

Tech support budget is a must

You will probably need someone with more tech experience, so make sure to take into consideration budget for tech support.

Branding your blog

You have to determine the blog formatting, media, typefaces, voice and more elements to ensure a stable brand for your blog.

Setting the categories

You have to think keywords from now one because they are what your audience will use to search content.

Planning for the future

It’s recommended to think about the future of your blog and its content even if it may seem the distant future. This will influence what you’ll be writing about.

Setting terms of use

You also have to figure out how you are going to allow others to use your blog content. Protect yourself and your content and make terms of use public.

Using appropriate language

You will have to pay enhanced attention to grammar and vocabulary because your blog will reflect your own person and brand.

Having the perfect post length

Your posts should be long enough to cover certain subjects, but also short enough to maintain readers’ interest.

Blog eye candy is essential for attracting readers

So, don’t forget to use exciting photos, graphics, presentations, and audio. Also, make sure to have permission to use photos.

Consistent publishing

According to research, it’s best to publish two or three times a week.

Selecting your target readers

Don’t just post your articles all over the place because it’s best to stick to places where your content will fit and be of interest.

Handling comments

The comments section is the place where your readers can provide feedback so make sure to figure out if you want them closed, open or moderated.

Follow these tips and trick, and you’ll definitely create a successful blog to share your thoughts.

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