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ThriveMap raises seed round to help companies hire better

by Sarah Dunsby
27th Feb 19 6:14 am

ThriveMap, a pre-hire assessment technology platform has announced it’s raised a further £500,000 in seed funding from existing investors FSE Group and Angels.

CEO Chris Platts co-founded the company with Mark Hla to address a massive problem with existing pre-hire assessments, most people don’t enjoy taking them, they don’t test relevant skills and managers don’t trust the results.

The recruitment technology market is growing rapidly and ThriveMap’s focus is on helping companies streamline and improve the selection process by crafting beautifully designed, narrative-based assessments. ThriveMap’s innovative assessments take applicants through a “virtual shift” experience to educate them on a particular job and culture of the organisation as well as measuring fit to a role or company values.

“Our research shows that 45% of us have left a job because the reality of it didn’t meet how it was communicated during the hiring process. Counter-intuitively, Generation Z employees are more likely to have experienced this disconnect than any other generation,” said Platts.

“Taking a virtual shift assessment as part of the application process reduces the risk of new hire failures. It also helps to remove bias and relying on gut feel in the hiring process, especially around areas like CV screening and culture fit.”

To be clear, ThriveMap isn’t trying to replace human decision-making, but rather enhance it with relevant data and insights. By using ThriveMap companies will be less likely to act on unconscious biases when selecting who to interview or even who to recruit. The net result is likely to create a more diverse, engaged and capable workforce.

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