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They’re back: Despite many being jailed Insulate Britain warn of new ‘more ambitious’ tactics and admit they ‘failed’

by LLB political Reporter
7th Feb 22 11:32 am

Insulate Britain have admitted that they have “failed” but have announced today that despite many being jailed they have warned they are back and there will be “more ambitious” new tactics.

In a statement on Monday Insulate Britain sent a warning to motorists that they are “just getting started.”

Several of the activists have been jailed over their tactics – but in a strongly-worded statement on Monday, the group insisted “we’re just getting started.”

The group have infuriated thousands of motorists and brought traffic to a standill sometimes lasting hours which ended up seeing motorists taking their own action against them.

“It is with an extremely heavy heart that today we have to announce that as Insulate Britain we have failed,” the statement said.

“We failed to move our irresponsible government to take meaningful action to prevent thousands of us from dying in our cold homes during the energy price crisis.

“We have failed to make this heartless government put its people over profit and insulate our homes to do our part in lowering the UK’s emissions.

“We have failed to encourage our government to get up from their drinks parties, go to their desk and get on with the job.”

Insulate Britain said it would continue its “campaign of civil resistance because we only have the next two to three years to sort it out and prevent us completely failing our children”.

“Now we must accept that we have lost another year, so our next campaign of civil resistance against the betrayal of this country must be even more ambitious,” it added.

“More of us must take a stand. More of you need to join us. We don’t get to be bystanders. We either act against evil or we participate in it.

“We haven’t gone away. We’re just getting started.”

Last week a further five more Insulate Britain activists were jailed for breaching a High Court injunction, which was the third time member of the group were sent to prison.

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