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The world’s most Instagrammed car brands revealed

23rd May 18 8:40 am

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We all know social media is a great way to market products and all brands want to take advantage of these sharing platforms. The world of cars is no different and Instagram is one site where the fast and furious appear regularly in posts.

Now one of the leading vehicle suppliers in the UK, OSV, have come up with a comparison infographic that shows just how many hashtag appearances different models and makes are getting around the world. Here’s a quick look at the top 10 on the Instagram list:

10. #Jeep

A brand that often doesn’t get as much attention as it should in the UK, Jeep is a popular model in many parts of the world, including India and the US. The #Jeep has been used over 10 million times on Instagram and the make with the most mentions is the #jeepwrangler with just under a million and a half posts.

9. #Lamborghini

We head up a big notch in sportiness with the next car out of the blocks. The Lamborghini just shades the Jeep with over 10.4 million posts with the hashtag in it. The biggest in the brand is the #lamborghiniaventador with half a million mentions.

8. #Porsche

We stay with the sportscars for the next car off the production line. Porsche is an iconic brand that is popular all over the world and there are over 11.4 mentions of the original hashtag. The most popular car in the range is the irrepressible #porsche911 which has in excess of 1.3 million mentions.

7. #Toyota

We’re back to earth next with the Toyota, a brand with a mix of sport and family cars which are popular across the globe, with just under 12.6 million hashtags. The most popular car currently in the range seems to be #toyotatacoma with 265,069 mentions.

6. #Mercedes

The German giant comes in a little lower than many people might expect with just over 13.0 million mentions on Instagram. The most popular in the group is the #mercedesamg with around 1.4 million mentions.

5. #Ferrari

Another iconic sports car comes in mid-way and it’s one of those luxury models we’d all like to own. Ferrari shades the Mercedes with over 13.1 million hashtags and the #ferrari599 gets a little over 36,000 mentions.

4. #Audi

Probably one of the most reliable brands on the market today, Audi manages to beat it’s sporting rival with over 132 million hashtags. Currently, the most popular car in the range is the #audiq7 at 105,030 mentions.

3. #Ford

No surprise to see Ford in the top three as the hashtag count takes a big leap with over 16 million mentions across Instagram. 1.3 million hashtags mention #fordmustang which is most definitely down to its sleek, sporty design.

2. #Honda

Another Japanese brand but you might be surprised to see it near the top of the list. With 21.8 million mentions that could be down to good marketing by the company itself as well as the popularity of the brand. Most popular car? The #hondacivic gets over 373,000 mentions.

1. #BMW

No surprises really at the top, BMW is one brand that stretches across demographics, satisfying young as well as old. With nearly 28 million mentions on Instagram, it’s way ahead of the competition. Top of the pile is #bmw5 which appears on 1.3 million posts.

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