The cost of attending a wedding as a guest reaches £1015


Double that if abroad and more if a bridesmaid!

Recent research by Provident reveals just how much attending a wedding is costing guests each time.

A nationwide survey of 1040 Brits reveals how much people are spending to attend a wedding as a guest both in the UK or abroad.

The research found that 1 in 6 UK couples now get married overseas, which significantly increases the amount a guest must spend in order to be able to attend the celebration.

Wedding guests could be forking out £2,000

The average UK wedding guest spends £1015 spread across hotels, wedding gifts, an outfit and the hen/stag do. The total amount includes pre-wedding celebrations such as celebratory drinks, meals and engagement party outfits.

However, guests at abroad weddings are forking out an extra £1035 more for flights, hotels, insurance and luggage totaling £2050 on average.

Provident have mapped out exactly what the difference between attending a wedding abroad is compared to a wedding in the UK to help guests plan their budget:

Description UK Wedding Cost £ Abroad Wedding Cost (total party) £
Flights N/A  £215
Transfers N/A  £146
Visa N/A  £145
Travel Insurance N/A  £147
Airport Car Parking N/A  £149
Luggage N/A  £143
Hotels £129  £129
Wedding Gifts £142  £142
Clothing £130  £130
Drinks £110  £110
Meals £107  £107
Transport £98  £98
Hen/Stag £114  £114
Hair/Beauty £94  £94
Childcare £89  £89
Accessories £92  £92
Total  £1015 £2050

However, the price of attending a wedding varies by the guest type.

Bridesmaids are spending on average £1058 out of their own pocket to attend the big day but it’s parents of the bride that must fork out the most.

Parents of the bride are spending on average £1450 to attend their daughter’s wedding.

Wedding cost by guest type:

Description Parents of the bride Parents of the groom Best man/woman Bridesmaid/groomsman
Hotels £163                         £144                               £142                      £125
Wedding Gifts £200  £185  £138  £116
Clothing £173                            £157                              £138                       £116
Drinks £154                           £124                              £123                       £108
Meals £155                          £131                               £113                      £95
Transport £125                           £123                               £113                       £92
Hen/Stag £134                           £132                              £133                      £125
Hair/Beauty £119                            £115                              £106                      £96
Childcare £113                           £111                              £99                          £96
Accessories £115                           £119                               £104                      £91
Total £1450                         £1324                        £1211                        £1058                        

There is a significant difference between the cost of a UK wedding and a wedding abroad but there are ways that you can save money and keep the costs down for both.

Provident have offered some tips on how to do this:

  1. Book flights in advance if you can
  2. Look into staying in budget accommodation and stay at the wedding venue for the main evening
  3. Try to pack light and only have hand luggage or share a hold bag between friends and family
  4. Re-wear something you already have and use accessories to change the look
  5. Buy a smaller wedding present that can easily fit into your hand luggage