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The oldest casino atmosphere for travellers

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12th Aug 22 10:12 am

People have a tendency, when they think of a casino in the modern day, to envision a glamorous edifice in Las Vegas, with all of the design decisions made by the architects to guarantee that the site is as outstanding as is feasible.

However, this does not have to be the case, as evidenced by the fact that the Casino di Venezia, which is the world’s oldest casino facility, has maintained its popularity throughout the years. The structure has been inhabited for almost 400 years, thus there is a significant amount of history to be found inside.

Casino di Venezia, which is located on the Grand Canal, was initially a theatre; however, after the opening of its game wing, it sparked a massive rise in the popularity of casinos in Venice. Today, there are more than 40 casinos operating in the city. Although Venice was formerly home to more than one hundred distinct casinos, the Casino di Venezia was and continues to be, the most noteworthy of the lot from an architectural point of view. A trip to Venice just wouldn’t be the same without paying a visit to the Biennale, plain and simple. This is the account of how the oldest casino building in the world came to be. If you want to feel and breathe the history of slots this is the place to go.

Originally established as Theatre Saint Moses

The structure that currently serves as the location of Casino di Venezia was constructed in the 16th century. It was originally constructed as the Theatre Saint Moses, and one of its features was a casino. This was done so that patrons of the theatre might have something to do during the intermissions of the plays that were being presented there.

Ca’ Vendramin Calergi was the original name of the casino; however, the structure has not always been occupied by a casino establishment. In point of fact, members of the Italian royal family formerly made use of the structure as a vacation residence. Additionally, Richard Wagner, a German musician, made multiple trips there over the course of his life. Today, the building’s historical connections with Wagner are commemorated through the establishment of a unique museum that is exclusively devoted to the composer and features concerts, exhibitions, publications, and conferences.

In addition to the Bayreuth Scholarship Student Concert and the annual Richard Wagner Honorary Concert, both of which take place at the casino each year, this structure is also home to the Wagner restaurant, which features a number of paintings by Palma il Giovane.

In addition, guests who dine at the restaurant can take in the breathtaking murals painted by Gian Battista Crosato as they taste the Venetian fish delicacies on the menu.

World’s oldest casino building

Return to being a casino

The structure was acquired by the city of Venice in 1946, and subsequent renovations required a significant amount of labour. As a result, it took more than ten years for the building to be prepared for use as a casino after the work was completed. It was considered a risky business to turn the building into a casino, but the move proved to be extremely profitable. Not only has the oldest casino structure in the world been utilised as a set for movies, but it has also been the location of enormous events. Claire Danes, an actress from the United States, and Coolio, a rapper from the United States, are just two of the famous people who have been spotted having fun at casinos. The casino plays host to numerous events associated with the Venice Film Festival, which serves to attract famous people to this breathtaking location.

The great old structure that houses the casino in question now offers all of the traditional casino games, but care is made to ensure that visitors have access to the most modern gaming alternatives possible. For instance, during the course of the previous year, the casino became home to the cutting-edge video games Link King and 88 Link Lucky Charms.

“Our objective is to serve to our customers with remarkable experiences,” stated Alessandro Cattarossi, the director of Casino Di Venezia. “Our mission is to cater to our consumers with extraordinary experiences.” “And by adding games like Link King and 88 Link Lucky Charms from Zitro to our game offerings, we are not only providing world-class entertainment to our distinguished clientele, but we are also investing in products that are performing well,” said the company.

What is Casino di Venezia like today?

The Casino di Venezia is one of the many land-based casinos that also has an online version of its casino. This is done in order to maximise the number of diverse revenue streams that may be capitalised on in this day and age. However, this does not imply that anyone who travels to Venice should forego the opportunity to check out the casino. The structure is still an impressive sight, and music fans who are in the area should make it a point to stop by the aforementioned museum at some point during their stay there if they are interested in hearing Wagner’s compositions.

The Casino di Venezia is a beautiful location thanks to its private garden, which provides stunning views of the Grand Canal. The world’s oldest casino facility still manages to captivate visitors’ attention, which is exactly as it should be.


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