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Faro for business travellers: The best hotels with facilities for business travellers

by Sarah Dunsby
11th Jun 24 10:33 am

Faro, the entrance to Portugal’s Algarve area, is not only a place for tourists; it’s also perfect for people on business trips. Because of its good location and easy transportation options, Faro makes working convenient while letting visitors enjoy the beauty of an old seaside town. The city has many hotels that give great business services too. This guide shows the best hotels for business travellers in Faro, making sure their stay is both productive and comfortable.

Getting around: Transportation options in Faro

For business travellers coming to Faro, transportation is very important. Whether the trip is short for meetings or long for conferences, moving from the airport to your hotel and around the city needs to be easy. Various options are available, each with its benefits.

Faro airport transfers

The best way, without doubt, is to pre-book your Faro airport transfers. This service means you will have a car ready when you arrive, giving you an easy and comfy trip instead of dealing with buses or standing in long taxi lines. Services such as Faro Airport Transfers provide various vehicles, some even with child seats if you need them. This makes these services a good option for different kinds of travellers.


Taxis are easy to find outside Faro Airport. They give a simple way to travel, though sometimes it can not be as expected. Taxi fares can be different, and if it is a busy time, you may wait more than usual to get a taxi.

Car hire

For people who like more freedom, renting a car may be the best choice. Faro has many places to rent cars, both at the airport and in the city centre. This makes travel to meetings, events, and other important commitments very easy without the need for using other transport services.

Public transport

Public transport in Faro like buses and trains is available. It is cheap, but it may not be good for business travellers who need to save time. Routes and timetables can be not very convenient, which makes it less good for people who have busy schedules.

Best hotels for business travellers in 2024

When talking about business travel, picking the right hotel is very important for having a good trip. Faro has many hotels that are perfect for people travelling for work. These hotels have things like meeting rooms, fast internet connection, and quiet places to do your work.

AP Eva Senses Hotel

AP Eva Senses Hotel has become famous due to its many business amenities. The hotel offers a business centre, many conference rooms, and special areas for working. Also, the hotel’s rooftop pool gives a calm place to relax after a busy day of meetings. It is located very close to the city centre, a stone’s toss from the docks.

Meeting rooms and facilities

The conference rooms at AP Eva Senses Hotel are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology, making it easy to conduct meetings and presentations. The hotel staff are experienced in assisting with event planning and logistics, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Hotel Faro & Beach Club

Hotel Faro & Beach Club combines business with leisure. The hotel’s business facilities include several meeting rooms, high-speed internet, and a business centre. After a day of work, guests can relax at the beach club or enjoy the panoramic views from the hotel’s rooftop bar. It is located in the centre, just by the Jardim Manuel Bivar.

Business centre

The business centre at Hotel Faro & Beach Club offers a quiet space for work, complete with computers, printers, and other office essentials. The staff are always on hand to assist with any business-related needs.

Stay Hotel Faro Centro

For persons looking for a cheaper choice, Stay Hotel Faro Centro gives great business facilities at lower prices. The hotel has a cosy lounge space, good for casual meetings, and high-speed internet everywhere in the building. It’s located further away from the coast, near the Regional Museum of the Algarve.

Cost-effective business travel

Stay Hotel Faro Centro provides all main services needed by business travellers without costing too much money. The hotel is in the centre, so it is simple to go to important places for work and also see interesting things in Faro.

Dining and leisure options

Even people travelling for work need time to relax. Faro has many places to eat and things to do that can help you feel better after a busy day of meetings.

Marina de Faro

Marina de Faro place is very nice for a calm evening. There are many restaurants and cafes, making it good for business dinners or just quiet meals alone. This beautiful place is also good for relaxing your mind before starting another busy day.

Local cuisine

Faro food is very good. You can eat fresh seafood, traditional Portuguese meals, and also new mixed-style dishes there. Eating in Faro is not only about having a meal; it also means feeling the local culture with its food.

Leisure activities

For people who have free time, Faro gives different things to do for fun. Going to see the local museums or taking a walk in the old town can be a nice change from working. For the more adventurous, boat trips and water sports are readily available.


Faro is not only a beautiful town in Portugal; it’s also ready to meet the needs of business travellers. With Faro airport transfers being very convenient and business hotels that are well-prepared, every part of the trip is taken care of. Whether you visit for a short meeting or a long conference, Faro makes sure your stay is both productive and comfortable.

So, why not make your next work trip to Faro easy and pleasant? With good transport and hotel options, you can keep your mind on what is really important: your job.

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