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The most important business trip rules to abide when traveling

1st Oct 17 10:58 am

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There are plenty entrepreneurs that never think they’ll have to send an esta application for business, but business trips do occur and quite regularly in some fields of work. There may often be a scenario where you have to travel for business and that means packing your bags, getting to the airport, surviving the trip and many others in between.

In order to make sure that you get to your destination in one piece and ready for your business meeting or otherwise purpose, you need to abide by some smart and efficient business traveling rules. If you’re looking to maximize your traveling comfort and take care of your health while on the road, check out these all-important traveling tips.

Eating in an airport – follow the personnel

If you have ever eaten in an airport before, you know that there’s a kind of lottery factor when it comes to how good or healthy the food is. You might be lucky enough to land in a place where the food is decent, but you might also have the bad luck of choosing a spot that you wouldn’t recommend to your worst enemy.

With that said, how could you possibly tell which is which? The answer is that you follow the personnel. People that work in the airport eat at the establishments there all the time and know which places are good and which should be avoided.

Don’t trust the tray, bring your own cleaning gel

You are probably going to use the folding tray located in front of your seat on the flight. However, you shouldn’t trust that the person that stood there before you left it in a completely acceptable sanitary condition.

Those trays are some of the “best” places where you can find germs and things you should stay away from, so make sure to get one of those little bottles of sanitizers and some wet wipes and give it a good scrub before you put your stuff there and more importantly your food.

Before of the “home away from home” trap

One of the worst things that you could do once you arrive at your hotel is turn on the TV. You might think that catching a couple of minutes of a show or the ball game is harmless but you are risking of losing track of time and you’ll end up spending the evening watching TV.

When you’re in a new city or even a new country, it’s far better to use your time wisely and to explore your surrounding or go to things that place is famous for.

Don’t let everyone know you’re not from around

Don’t make the mistake of practically wearing a badge on your forehead that says, “I don’t live around here, you can mug me”. Sure, pessimist thoughts like that aren’t good, but being realistic is.

Those with ill intentions are much more likely to prey on those they deem more vulnerable, which you are especially if you don’t speak the language or just don’t know anybody at your destination. Therefore, try to avoid a lot of luggage and don’t wear I Love “City Name” shirts. Travel light and try to look like a regular person that lives there.

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