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The holiday essentials that 8.6 million Brits forgot to pack

by LLB Reporter
26th Aug 23 12:09 pm

As last minute sun soaked adventures are proving to be more popular than ever in the wake of the global pandemic that shut the world down for nearly three years and Britons set their sights on idyllic beach getaways, one of the essential items that 8.6 million of us forgot to pack in 2019 was travel insurance.

While it might not seem to be as important as sun cream, a pot boiling thriller to read by the pool or short sleeved shirts, skirts and sandals, travel insurance is the every eventuality parasol that’s designed to keep you and your family safe in the sun, from too much “fun” and to protect you from anything and everything in between.

Travel insurance encompasses a range of money and life saving measures and each thread is designed to weave a web of protection around the traveller. Let’s pull back the curtain and explore some of the key coverages that comprise the travel insurance quilt:

Trip Cancellation and Interruption: Life’s twists and turns can often disrupt carefully planned holidays. Trip cancellation coverage steps in to provide reimbursement for prepaid, non-refundable trip expenses in the event of any unforeseen circumstances that force you to pull the plug on your planned break or if you have to cut it short.

Medical Emergencies: Your health doesn’t need to take a back seat when you take a break. Medical coverage ensures that travellers receive necessary medical attention and treatment abroad, sparing them from the potential financial burden of hefty medical bills.

Baggage Loss or Delay: Imagine arriving at your dream destination, only to find your luggage is nowhere to be seen. Baggage coverage offers relief by compensating for lost, stolen, or delayed luggage, ensuring you’re not left high and dry.

Travel Delay: Missed connections and extended layovers can wreak havoc on travel plans. Travel delay coverage comes to the rescue, providing reimbursement for additional expenses incurred due to delayed departures.

Emergency Evacuation: When facing a medical emergency in a remote location, emergency evacuation coverage swoops in to cover the costs of transporting you to a medical facility equipped to handle your needs.

Travel Assistance: A lifeline in unfamiliar terrain, travel assistance offers 24/7 support for a variety of situations, including language barriers, medical referrals, and travel guidance.

“One huge benefit of travel insurance, that isn’t usually considered, is repatriation.” explains David Brewer, CEO of Protect Line.

A 2014 study in the Telegraph showed that 6,000 Brits die abroad each year and the average cost of repatriation is more than £17,000.

Some uninsured Brits have even been caught trying to check dead relatives onto flights!

“Nobody likes to think about the possibility of dying, especially unexpectedly on holiday. Travel insurance is obviously very important to cover potential repatriation costs, but Brits should also consider Life Insurance to ensure other costs are covered too – such as the monthly rent or mortgage your family would still need to pay without your income” David explained.

As UK travellers set their sights on sunny horizons, the role of travel insurance emerges as an indispensable aspect of a well-rounded getaway plan. With the power to transform unforeseen hurdles into mere ripples in the ocean, travel insurance stands as the ultimate companion for those venturing to strange and exotic shores.

Whether you’re chasing the sunset on a faraway beach or embarking on a cultural escapade, remember that travel insurance is more than just a document – it’s your passport to peace of mind, ensuring that your journey is embraced with the warmth of preparation and the assurance of protection.

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