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Specialist car finance lender shows how they are helping people repair their credit

by LLB Finance Reporter
24th Nov 23 5:37 am

Leading specialist finance lender, Go Car Credit, shares how they are helping improve their customers credit rating giving them the opportunity to secure better finance in the future.

Go Car Credit has an approach in which they do not just want to be known for their lending capabilities for those with bad credit to buy a car, but also as a genuine credit repair opportunity for their customers.

As a specialist finance lender, Go Car Credit want to empathise, not judge, whilst serving a sector of the population who could be at risk of being in a debt cycle. Go Car Credit appreciate that their customers need to get to work and understand the importance of having a car to be able to do so.

Over the last 12 months, 68% of customers who have renewed with Go Car Credit have managed to secure a lower APR meaning that as a result of using their service, they have been able to improve their credit and secure a better rate.

Go Car Credit want to make sure that their service can help their customers secure dependable cars so that they are able to go to work to help break their credit cycle. They will not judge, and empathy and affordability are two of the key pillars that have always been at the forefront of the business.

Sales and Marketing director, Lorna Rossi, says, “Car finance can be a challenge for many, especially if

they’ve faced adverse credit issues in the past. We pride ourselves on being able to try and help

those who have faced financial difficulties in the past, and we understand that there can be many

reasons why someone would have an adverse credit profile.

We understand some of the limitations that people can face, and even stigmas associated with poor

credit, but we have proven through our own customers that they can help repair their credit with us

alongside being able to afford a car which will help them in their day-to-day life.

It can often feel like you’re helpless with your credit, especially if you don’t understand that there are

options out there to help. People may think that because they would “fail” a credit check that there

are no options, however, specialist lenders, such as ourselves, look much further into a credit profile, for instance affordability plays a big part too.

Whether our customers choose to renew with us or an alternative lender, our goal is to help them improve their credit and provide them with affordable finance to secure their car”

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