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Sofa removals tips for new homeowners

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30th Oct 20 5:06 pm

Buying fresh pieces of furniture can make a new home feel like your own space in no time, but you’ll also need to get rid of your old furniture responsibly. Sofas can be difficult to throw out because they are far too big for standard waste removal and council collections can take a couple of weeks. That means most of us turn to the local tip.

According to research carried out by the British Heart Foundation, more than 2,000 people buying a new home or renting for the first time send their old furniture to landfill rather than finding a way for it to be reused. The study also revealed that 30% of people in the UK have thrown out household items that are in good condition, just because they are being replaced.

If your sofa has reached the end of its natural life of course it should be binned, but if it’s still usable there are other options to consider. Both recycling and donating are environmentally friendly and also allow you to give something back to your local community. If you’re not sure which solution is right for you, here are three sofa removals tips for new homeowners which should help get the job done.

Give your sofa away through freecycle

Although you might have decided your old sofa doesn’t fit in at your new home, there are plenty of people that need affordable furniture to get their place looking cosy. You can start by asking around family and friends to see if anyone you know is willing to take it, but otherwise, there are online marketplaces and pages like Freecycle where you can advertise your sofa. Freecycle is simple to join and you just need to post a couple of photos, along with a description, so people understand exactly what’s on offer. No one pays for the items advertised on Freecycle, but the new owners will appreciate your generosity.

Send your sofa to a local reuse centre

In most parts of the UK, there are reuse projects which work with local councils to upcycle unwanted furniture and give it to those in need. They give you the opportunity to put your old sofas to good use and provide vulnerable people with new furniture. All you need to do is fill in a form online and explain more about what you’d like to donate. They do ask you to deliver in order to cut their costs, but as re-use centres are located all around the UK the nearest one to you shouldn’t be far. These community-minded schemes are also good for the environment because they ensure that usable household items don’t become landfill.

Make your old sofa a charitable donation

There are many not-for-profit organisations and charities that would be grateful to give your faithful old sofa a new lease of life. Naturally, any donation you make should be in good condition so the charity is able to sell it on and raise money for their cause. Not all charity shops have the space to store larger items, so search online to see which of your favourite charities are willing to take yours and give them a ring to sort out the finer details. You might even get a follow-up letter explaining how much was raised through the sale.

Whatever you do, start planning early

Moving into a new home is an exciting time, so it’s easy to forget the more mundane tasks, such as what to do with your old sofa. Furthermore, as you are usually given an estimated delivery date when you first order a new sofa, planning for the old one can take a back seat. This may cause a last-minute panic because bulky sofas are one of the trickier household items to dispose of, but don’t assume the process is going to cost you a fortune.

Start considering your removal options at an early stage and you’ll have the old sofa clear in good time. By booking a reasonably priced collection and making any other arrangements well in advance, you won’t have to deal with a spare sofa taking up space in your home or front garden.

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