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'Slum' Olympics: One shower for 75 Games cleaners

by LLB Editor
16th Jul 12 4:13 pm

Cleaners of the Olympic park are living in the “slum” conditions with 10 people living per room and 75 people sharing a shower, the Daily Mail has reported.

The workers, many of whom have come from abroad, are believed to sleep in portable cabins which leak in the rain. It has also been alleged that one toilet is shared amongst 25 people.

“It is like a slum inside,” a worker told the newspaer. “The toilets are dirty and the space is very little.”

The workers aren’t allowed to invite family and friends to visit and have signed gagging orders preventing them from talking to the media.

The camp is run by Spotless International services, a company that supplies cleaners during the Games. The company blamed the rain for the overcrowding but assured that it’ll sort out the problem.

“This is not a prison. Nobody is forced to stay there. Many of our staff have come from areas where there is extremely high unemployment and are very happy to be working in the Games.

“There will always be a couple of disgruntled people on site, but it’s a shame they didn’t come to talk to us to air their grievances because there are certainly processes in place for them to do that,” said Craig Lovett, CEO and managing director, Spotless International Services.

A Locog spokesman said: “Cleanevent [part of Spotless] have assured us that the accommodation they are providing their workers is of a suitable standard.”

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