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Sir Richard Branson dons red lipstick and short skirt after losing bet

by LLB Editor
13th May 13 11:34 am

Red hot pics of Virgin boss’ turn as an air stewardess

Shaved legs, fishnet stockings, a red short skirt and red lipstick…Virgin boss Richard Branson dressed up as an airhostess and served passengers on an Air Asia charity flight from Australia to Malaysia yesterday.

Why? Well, Branson lost a bet he made with AirAisa boss Tony Fernades at the 2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that the Virgin team would beat Fernandes’ Lotus Cosworth.

The loser would have to dress up as an airhostess of the other’s airline.

Branson shaving his legs

So honouring his commitment, Branson shaved his legs and had an assistant help him put red lipstick and red shoes. Before his maiden flight as an air hostess, he got a kiss from new boss Fernandes for good luck.

Branson getting ready for flight

Looking at Brason’s new avatar, one passenger said,  “I’ve looked up to you for years, now I’ve looked up your skirt!”

But was Sir Richard good at his job? Well, moments after getting onto the flight, he “accidentally” spilled a whole tray of drinks over Fernandes.


“I made it up to him later by spoon-feeding him his dinner, as well as serving tea, coffee or me to all of the Air Asia X passengers,” said Branson in his blog.

Branson showered by champagne

Fernandes said he wanted to “kill” Branson for spilling juice over him. On arrival in Malaysia, the AirAsia chief took his revenge by spraying champagne on Branson.

On being asked to rate Branson as a steward, Fernandes said, “Out of 10, maybe one, for a bit of humour.”

Photos: Richard’s blog

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