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Should students be taught about cryptocurrency in colleges

by John Saunders
19th Jan 22 3:29 pm

The Bitcoin era continues to rise with popularity and growth. Despite the uncertainties that it came with, cryptocurrency is something that needs to be analysed and known by people from distinct fields. Nowadays people often believe that crypto has nothing to do with people who are not from a business or finance major. Well, that’s not the case, cryptocurrency is a decentralised form of currency that will continue to rise in terms of value in the coming year. Both investors and even students should be aware of the trends and the ways to make maximum profit out of them. Teaching cryptocurrency in colleges is a needed process no matter which field one comes from. Be it a medical or a social science major, general aspects of bitcoins and digital trading are crucial for a safer and secure future investment. For better insight you can visit Immediate Edge

The current rise in investors, a huge number of young people can be seen showing active participation in mining crypto coins and trading them into different platforms. One of the biggest reasons why cryptocurrency and blockchain should be taught in colleges is that students tend to have the most potential and innovative mindsets which is a blessing for the crypto community. With innovative ideas, crypto can witness a whole new environment of investments and trading reaching a much higher scale.

Major reasons why cryptocurrency should be taught in colleges

A recent report by coin base has shown how blockchain and cryptocurrency lessons are being taught and doing wonders in universities of higher education. According to this, a larger percentile of blockchain classes is being held in departments other than computer sciences. Here are some of the major reasons why colleges should hold classes on crypto and blockchain in every department, and why these are worth considering.

1. Brighter future scope

Teaching blockchain and crypto in universities will yield several promising career opportunities for these potential young scholars. Opening doors to opportunities such as

  • Cryptocurrency developer, miner
  • Blockchain developer
  • Cloud engineer
  • Blockchain-based software developer
  • Cryptocurrency analyst

With a healthy rise in these roles, the future of crypto holds great power in terms of salary and investments. Recent statistics show that these positions allow potential developers to earn up to $100,000, promising a flourishing future and investment rates ahead. Crypto lessons from a young age enable students to invest for a safer future as the industry continues to rise with a good amount of vacancies.

2. Economical progress

We have analysed a sudden decrease in economic growth in developing countries. The adopting and development of innovative technologies such as blockchains works as an effective parameter for the economical growth of the country. Teaching crypto in universities will allow these innovative minds to contribute the max to the economy, hence benefiting the country as well. For example Southeast Asia nation, Indonesia has witnessed a sudden economical rise in active regards to blockchain adoption. Another great benefit? Once countries are working well with their GDP growth, they introduce a wider working opportunity in the field, dealing with the issue of unemployment too.

3. Financial literacy 

The finance sector was affected the most in the global corona pandemic and brought a paradigm shift, increasing unemployment in developing countries. This made people realise that financial literacy and independence are needed at every step for happy living. The pandemic increased usage of online transactions pulling in almost 4 trillion US dollars in the year 2019. Students taking crypto classes will likely begin their research on the coin, investment, and trading techniques for the coming years, adding an extra line to income generation in the global world of finance.

These students are a pioneer in the global order of digital trading and transactions which will be soon replacing hard cash. Lectures on crypto and blockchain from a young age will be creating an immense amount of opportunities, expanding the finance sector.


Teaching crypto and blockchain in colleges and universities should be made a compulsion in every region and country. Opening investing and further job opportunities, crypto has the potential to revolutionise contemporary economics and the power should not be ignored. Valuable for both students and investors, studying crypto and gaining the right knowledge can reconstruct the global market.



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