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Shell HQ attacked by climate change protestors

by LLB Reporter
15th Apr 19 2:30 pm

Climate change protestors have smashed windows and sprayed graffiti on Shells London based headquarters on Monday.

What was initially described as a non violent protest by organisers, Extinction Rebellion has turned ugly, the revolving glass doors at Shells entrance were smashed to pieces.

Graffiti messages say, “Shell kills” and paint was thrown over the building, other words sprayed were, “Lies” and “Shame” and a skull and cross bone was sprayed in orange paint. Another protestor glued her hands to Shells window.

Police arrested a woman outside the HQ, and Sky News asked her, was it worth it? She replied, “Oh God it was, I just want to protect the future for our children and wildlife.

“Shell are criminals.”

London is in chaos as Oxford Circus is closed as demonstrators have parked a pink boat in the road with word “Tell the Truth” written on the side.

Marble Arch is blocked by hundreds of protestors and on Park Lane busses, coaches and lorries are stranded as protestors are sitting in the road waving flags and playing tambourines.

Piccadilly Circus has also been targeted as a “festival” of action has started with performances, workshops and food.

On Twitter Extinction Rebellion said, “We have taken Waterloo Bridge.”


Protestors have set up trees on Waterloo Bridge and a skate board ramp, the bridge looks like a garden and is clearly closed to any traffic. However, the bridge is open to cyclists and people walking.

Dame Emma Thompson has given her support, she previously said, “It is time to stand up and save our home.”

On Sunday night Dame Emma said, “We are here tonight to declare that we do not wish to be at war.

“We wish to make peace with ourselves by making peace with our neighbour Earth and with our God.”

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