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Seven ways to dress up a plain t-shirt

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12th Oct 21 2:46 pm

One piece of clothing that everyone must have in their wardrobe is a plain t-shirt as it can go well with everything. It’s a staple piece that’ll never go out of style no matter where you go to. With a plain t-shirt, there are plenty of design options you can go with, maximising your creativity.

If you still don’t have a plain t-shirt, you should get one right away. You can easily browse for men’s shirts, and you should be able to see one that you can wear with any pair of other clothing. Just ensure that you purchase one that fits your body perfectly to maximise your style options.

Listed below are the ways to dress up a plain t-shirt:

1. Have a blazer

Whether you need to go somewhere formal or casual, throwing in a blazer would instantly amp up the appearance of your plain t-shirt into something classy and fashionable at the same time. With a plain shirt, you wouldn’t have to worry about your blazer choices as anything would go well with it. You can just rely on your colour options with your bottom options. If you’d like to go with universal colour, wearing black or denim pants would surely be an ideal choice.

As you add in a blazer with your plain shirt, you want to ensure that it fits your body perfectly. With the proper fitting, you can allow yourself to have a sleek look. This would go great if you’re attending a semi-formal or smart casual event that might require you to wear a blazer but would like to avoid wearing a shirt or necktie at the same time.

2. Pair with denim

One of the classic looks you can do with a plain t-shirt is pairing it with good-fitting denim to complete your look. It’ll be a timeless and effortless piece that’d go well with anyone. With the various denim options, you can go from light to dark, depending on your mood.

Moreover, if you like to improve your style, you should consider wearing statement shoes that’ll help highlight your appearance. If you’re wearing a white plain shirt with light-coloured denim pants, wearing bright stilettos would instantly boost your style. You can either go for a bright red or yellow, and you can guarantee to turn heads wherever you go.

3. Add prints

If you’re a person who likes to avoid wearing plains but would like to use your plain t-shirt right away, adding prints to your bottoms or blazers would be the best option for you. As you pair good plain women’s t-shirts with another piece of clothing, you should try to be experimental with your print choices.

There are various print options you can pair with your plain t-shirt. You can go with animal prints, stripes, plaid, or even polka dots. However, you need to ensure that you match your shoes and bags well.

4. Wear long-fitting skirts

To give your plain t-shirt a bit of sophistication, you might want to try wearing long-fitting skirts that’ll help make your t-shirt like no other. With a single statement piece on your overall design, you can allow your plain t-shirt to look extraordinary. It’ll be an effortless piece that you can patch up together.

As you go with long-fitting skirts, ensure that you tuck your plain t-shirt perfectly while making it a bit loose to give your appearance an added depth. While having fitted clothing might help, mixing it with a few loose pieces will help add drama to your style.

5. Don’t forget your accessories

While you can always pair your plain t-shirts with the most fashionable pieces out there, adding accessories would instantly help boost your appearance. It’ll be a small addition to your look that can prevent your style from being too plain and boring.

Since you’re using a plain t-shirt, you can be creative and playful as much as you like. You can choose to mix with various metals and colour options that could add beauty to your plain t-shirt. Ideally, you should play with different necklace designs that match well with your bottoms and shoes. You could even add in a statement earring or wristwatch to steal your outfit’s attention. Moreover, adding a plain black sunglass would instantly help complete your look.

6. Wear a jumpsuit

Another easy way to wear your plain t-shirt is by throwing over a jumpsuit that’ll give you a whole new look. In this way, you can seamlessly hide your plain t-shirt and allow it to take over your style.

If you’re feeling a bit more creative, you can pair your jumpsuit with a classic sneaker or high heels to make a contrasting look. This can help create comfortable clothing that looks classy and sweet at the same time. Just ensure that you pair it with a minimal and soft-looking bag to avoid overpowering your entire look.

7. Put on a pair of leggings

One staple piece you probably have lying around your closet is a pair of black leggings that match well with anything. Since you have a plain t-shirt with you, you might as well try to put them together with your basic black leggings and give yourself a casual yet stylish look.

As you put on a pair of leggings with a plain t-shirt, you can layer it with a leather jacket or a patterned shirt, which could help give your outfit character and definition. Moreover, you can also play with various footwear choices to complete the look. If you’re feeling casual, a classic white sneaker will give you a comfortable feeling. However, if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, wearing heels or boots will help boost your appearance effortlessly.


Dressing up a plain t-shirt can be a fun wardrobe choice, especially that you can mix and match it with plenty of fun choices. Apart from choosing the right bottom, you might also want to focus on layering your clothing, giving your plain t-shirt an added character effortlessly. Moreover, a good pair of shoes will help boost your appearance, especially if you go with basic choices for every piece of clothing you wear.

As you decide how to dress in your plain t-shirt, ensure that it’s something you’re comfortable wearing. The best way to improve your look is by showing confidence and comfortability with every move you make.

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