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Scientist warns UK is now in a more ‘dangerous state’ than Wuhan

by LLB Reporter
30th Mar 20 2:22 pm

The UK’s top scientist has warned the UK is facing disaster as the death toll is far higher than previously expected.

Professor Tom Pike from the Imperial College in London previously predicted in his scientific paper that 5,700 people will die from coronavirus.

But he has now warned this prediction was greatly underestimated as the death rate soared over the weekend, and Pike has now warned the UK is now in a “dangerous state.”

The calculations were originally based on the assumption the UK would follow the trend seen in Wuhan, China, but the UK is now on a deadlier path.

The scientific paper said the death rate in the UK would peak by 5 April, at 260 each day, placing the death toll between 4,700 and 7,100.

Unfortunately, the death toll on Saturday was ahead of schedule, which stood at 260 and on Sunday the death toll was lower at 209. Total confirmed cases now stand at 1,228 deaths across the UK.

Professor Pike told The Times newspaper, “We don’t know where that uptick is going to go, or if it will keep going in the same direction.

“That’s critical in terms of the projected total deaths.

“If we don’t regain the Wuhan trajectory, each day we are building up more deaths.

“It’s a very dangerous state to be in.”

England’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Jenny Harries warned on Sunday, the death toll in the UK will get progressively “worse” over the next two weeks.

The NHS has started “ventilator rationing” across the UK with patients who only have a “reasonable certainty” of surviving coronavirus.

Ventilator machines which are used to keep patients breathing are now restricted to those who will survive on medical grounds.

The NHS said, “very poorly patients with coronavirus may need to be on a ventilator for extended periods.

“for some patients this would not be in their best interests.”

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