Home Business News Russian troops fall sick with ‘ulcers’ and Tuberculosis spitting up blood’ as the weather turns and commanders don’t ‘give a s**t’

Russian troops fall sick with ‘ulcers’ and Tuberculosis spitting up blood’ as the weather turns and commanders don’t ‘give a s**t’

by LLB political Reporter
20th Nov 22 1:40 pm

Russian troops holed up in Kreminna are facing severe weather conditions as snow is falling and the temperature is already hitting -20C.

Russian soldiers “are not eating food for days” and “some have ulcers and one has Tuberculosis” and has “started to spit up blood” and they are expected to “go on foot” 20km to the nearest hospital.

Ukrainian soldiers intercepted a call will between a Russian soldier and his mother and told her of the horrors he is seeing.

The Russian soldier told his mother, “F***, such a sh*tty attitude towards the people here. We have one corpse lying around and no one is getting it out.”

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His mother replied, “Nightmare.”

The Russian soldier added, “The battalion commander doesn’t give a s***.”

His mother said, “Are you fed well?”

The Russian soldier continued, “Nah, they don’t give us canned food, don’t give us anything. We eat what we can find.

“Some men don’t eat for two days while another unit is eating, some have ulcers and one has TB now, he started spitting blood.

“The Pskov guy, who I came with… The battalion commander said it’s a 20km drive to the village and from the village some walk to the hospital, he said ‘go on foot.’

“And people are going, I don’t understand it… Men are 50, and 60 years old, what do they want? They thought they came to a resort? So, we have these walks.”

His mother then asked, “What are you doing then?”

The Russian soldier replied, “We’re standing behind, in defence, we have three lines, the first line if this first line collapses, runs away then we hold as we’re in the second line.

“We’re in the worse hell, everything (shells) is flying above us, yesterday it was the same mortar bombs landing nearby and you just hope it doesn’t fall in the dugout.”

His mother asked, “Which direction is this?”

The Russian soldier said, “Kreminna the village, they were surrounding us yesterday, I thought they’d take us in an encirclement.

“The defence collapsed yesterday, it was fireworks but otherwise it’s fine.”

His mother asked, “Fine, yeah? You like it?”

The Russian soldier responded with, “You get used to it, it’s fine when you are bombed when you aren’t, it gets scary.”

“There are no hohols (Ukrainians) here anymore, Blacks Arabs French, Canadians.”

The mother replied, “Yes, yes, they showed it yesterday on TV.”

The Russian soldier said, “Finland, Americans.”

His mother added, “Whole of Europe, yes.”

The Russian soldier said, “Do you want me to bring you a black man’s ear mum?”

She said, “Calm down there, not funny!”

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