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Russian forces tricked into firing ‘expensive high-precision ammunition’ to ‘destroy £800 decoys’

by LLB staff reporter
16th Sep 23 5:19 pm

Russian forces are being tricked into firing in some cases multi-million pound weapons “to destroy” fake decoy Ukrainian military equipment in the battlefields.

Ukrainian forces are outwitting Russia by using the decoy dummy tanks, rocket systems and radar stations which cost as little “as £800.”

By Ukraine using decoy military equipment this takes Russian forces away from their activities and Russia are then using valuable resources and are being drained of weaponry.

Metinvest who are a steel company and make most of Ukraine’s replica pieces can make a fake 155mm M777 Howitzer for just £800.

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A spokesperson from Metinvest quoted in Ukrainian Pravda said, “War is expensive and we need the Russians to spend money using drones and missiles to destroy our decoys.”

He added, “After each hit, the military gives us trophy wreckage.

“We collect them. If our decoy was destroyed, then we did not work in vain.

“The sooner our decoys are destroyed, the better for us.”

The Metinvest spokesman added, “The enemy is not stupid. We have to adapt… we always look to add something new in our work.”

The spokesperson referred to a dummy radar they had built, he said, “The enemy was unable to distinguish the model from a real radar station and spent expensive high-precision ammunition to destroy the plywood and metal replica.”

Ukrainian government advisor Anton Gerashchenko said, “You have to understand that this is a war of innovation.

“[Sophisticated] drones and satellites… can see in greater detail.

“It’s harder to fool the enemy who have cameras and live video. But high-quality decoys can work very well.”

George Barros a military researcher for the Institute for the Study of War said, “If the Russians think they hit a HIMARS, they will claim they hit a HIMARS.

“Russian forces very well may be overstating their battle damage assessments after hitting HIMAR decoys.”

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