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Russian cosmonauts heading to the ISS are in a ‘fighting mood’ sparking fears of conflict in space with NASA

18th Mar 22 12:46 pm

There are fears of a conflict being sparked on the International Space Station (ISS) as the Russian space agency has said their cosmonauts are “in a fighting mood” and are heading to the station.

Dmitry Rogozin, the head of Roscosmos gave the threat which means the collaboration in space could now be finished.

Rogozin tweeted in Russian, “The State Commission at Baikonur approved the main and backup crews of the Soyuz MS-21 manned spacecraft.

“The boys are in a fighting mood. Start tomorrow.”

Rogozin has sparked concerns that there could be some sort of conflict on board the ISS and he is known for his inflammatory remarks as he previously warned that the station could crash in the US which has an American astronaut on board.

The chief of Roscosmos said the sanctions imposed on Russia by the West are “illegal” and this could disrupt operations of Russia servicing the ISS.

Rogozin warned that Russia “provides duplication of the life support systems of the American segment.”

This includes oxygen, removing harmful impurities such as carbon dioxide from the atmosphere on board the ISS.

He added, “Also Russian means provide backup of voice and telemetry communication of the American segment of the station with ground control points.”

Rogozin warned that western countries, “including those led by the dogs of war” should reconsider “the price of the sanctions they initiated against Roscosmos”.

He added, “The price of international space cooperation maniacally destroyed by the West. Crazy.”

Joel Montalbano, NASA manager of the ISS programme, said, “We work together. It’s not a process where one group can separate from the other.

“We need everything together in order to be successful in order to work.”

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