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Putin’s war is almost lost and Ukraine are on the verge of moving into ‘territory that the Russians have controlled since 2014’

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
5th Oct 22 3:19 pm

Ukrainian armed forces have made “significant” gains over the past few weeks as they have retaken “much of the territory that Russia took during the invasion” over seven months.

Ukraine are continuing with their drive and Vladimir Putin “is losing” as “everything he tried to accomplish” has been completely “undone.”

Ukrainian forces are continuing to punch their way through to regain their territory and are now close to the Russian border.

President Volodymyr Zelensky’s troops are meeting more of their “military objectives” and in 48 hours they have liberated dozens of towns.

Professor Scott Lucas from the University of Birmingham also said that Ukraine are now in a good position to retake back Crimea which Putin annexed in 2014.

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The academic told GB News, “Vladimir Putin is losing, that is how significant this is.

“Seven months after the Russian invasion what Ukraine has done in just a matter of weeks and the past month is they’ve regained much of the territory that Russia took during the invasion.

“That includes the North-East: the Kharkiv region it includes parts of what we call Donetsk and Luhansk which is in the East and the big breakthrough on Monday was an advance of about 20 miles against the Russians in the South in Kherson.

Professor Lucas added, “But secondly Ukraine is now on the verge of being able to move into territory that the Russians have controlled since 2014 through their proxies.

“That includes what we call the Donbas region in the east and it includes Crimea, this big peninsula that Putin just seized that he just annexed without really a fight back from anyone eight years ago.

“So Putin who made this big gamble well he gambled on two points, James Cleverly raised them, first he said you know if I go in quickly I can take Kyiv and I can get rid of Volodymyr Zelensky and his government, I can occupy within days, weeks… Failure.

“Secondly I can split off Ukraine from the international community and isolate it, people won’t risk the cost of supporting it politically, economically, militarily… Failure.

“Does he go for a third failure? By annexing these territories and calling them Russian, well that is exactly what he did last Friday and within days that is coming undone.”

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