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Deadly HIMARS ‘strike instantly’ kills Russian troops due to Moscow’s ‘negligence’

26th Jan 24 1:30 pm

Ukraine has launched a deadly HIMARS “strike” which instantly kills an entire Russian drone unit in the Occupied Donetsk region.

This is a hammer blow for Vladimir Putin as Moscow has been accused of “negligence” after Ukraine used the US made High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS).

The HIMARS strike killed 24 kamikazi drone operators in the strike who were training at the Vostochny military training base near Ilovaisk in the Donetsk region.

Questions are being asked by officials in Moscow over any “negligence” as they also lost two UAZ Patriot SUVs, a Ford Transit and a UAZ 452 van.

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Russian Telegram channel VChK-OGPU stated, “At 14.40, this concentration of military personnel and vehicles was hit by a HIMARS rocket system.

“The strike instantly killed 22 soldiers. They were immediately discovered, and the bodies of two more were found later.

“Three Russian servicemen with mine explosion wounds were hospitalised.”

Pro-war Russian military blogger Vladimir Romanov has said there must me immediate retaliation to whoever disclosed the details of the location of the training facility as the drone operators were having an “exam” at the time.

The Russian drone operators would have then been deployed to various locations within Ukraine.

Romanov demanded, “I would like to know…who is to blame for the fact that [map] coordinates were given to almost anyone who wanted them?

“Who is to blame for the fact that the exam took place several times at the same point?

“Who will bear responsibility for the negligence? What conclusions will be drawn from this tragedy?”

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said on Friday morning that 990 Russian troops were eliminated in just one day.

He said that the Ukrainian Defense forces destroyed 990 invaders, eight tanks, 16 armored vehicles, 15 artillery systems, one cruise missile, 25 units of automobile and special equipment in one day.

The report states, “The enemy’s total combat losses from February 24, 2022 January 26, 2024, approximately, amounted to: personnel – about 380,600 (990 more) people, tanks – 6,265 (eight more), armored combat vehicles – 11,637 (16 more), artillery systems – 9,082 (15 more), MLRS – 972, air defense systems – 660, aircraft – 331, helicopters – 324, operational-tactical UAVs – 7,033, cruise missiles – 1,845 (one more), ships/boats – 23, submarines – one, vehicles and tank trucks – 12,064 (20 more), special equipment – 1,425 (five more).”

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