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Putin warned a ‘reckoning is coming’ as Russia are exhausting resources and have no ‘strategic reserve’

by Mark Channer War Correspondent
18th Sep 23 3:45 pm

Ukraine’s spy chief Kyrylo Budanov has warned that Russia is exhausting their resources and a “reckoning is coming.”

Reserve troops are running thin for Vladimir Putin along with his weapons to sustain the war in Ukraine.

Speaking to the Economist Budanov said in an interview, “Contrary to what the Russian Federation declares, it has absolutely no strategic reserve.”

The spymaster Russian troops are underperforming, they have poor quality equipment and by Putin meeting with North Korea’s President Kim Jong Un this supports his claim.

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He added, “If everything is fine and Russia has enough resources, why are they looking for them all over the world?

“The answer is obvious. There is nothing to extract anymore.”

He said that Russian Army deployed the 25th Combined Arms Army in August who had just 55% of the equipment needed and only 80% of the manpower that was required and they “rushed into action early.”

He said that Russian resources is low quality, but the quantity of manpower is “sufficient,” and warned that “reckoning is coming” for Russia.

He said that Ukraine’s drone operation is to exhaust Russia’s air defences to disable their long-range bombers and damage the military production of weapons.

Budanov told the Economist that he has objectives for the drone attacks, firstly to ramp up production of weapons to strike deep inside Russia with long-range missiles, such as the British made Storm Shadow cruise missile and drones.

He added, “Drones will definitely make the operations to liberate our territories easier. Drones have no fear. You don’t feel sorry for them.”

Ukraine’s second aim is to continue to disrupt the Russian economy as “we want to get them out of their comfort zone.”

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