Home Business News Putin resorts to Stalinist repression as he orders ‘execution squads’ to ‘kill Russian deserters’

Putin resorts to Stalinist repression as he orders ‘execution squads’ to ‘kill Russian deserters’

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
12th Mar 22 2:31 pm

Captured Russian soldiers have told Ukrainian interrogators that Vladimir Putin has ordered “execution squads” to “kill” deserters.

The Russian dictator has now resorted to a Stalinist repression as he no longer believes in his army.

The Ukrainian Security Service, SBU said on Saturday that Russian commanders are shooting dead their soldiers who try to flee.

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“However, this does not save him from the riots that have already begun to arise among the Russian military.

“Another captured occupier tells about this during interrogation at the SBU. They say that the army leadership has resumed the practice of ‘execution squads’ – echelons that follow the main forces of the Russian Federation and kill those who want to escape,” the SBU said in a message posted on the Telegram channel on Saturday.”

The captured Russian soldier told his interrogators, “But they made very clear that we will not return back, because echelons are coming after us, killing deserters who are trying to return home.”

The Ukrainian Security Service said, “Now, having become an accomplice in crimes, the invader regrets that they did not have the courage to act like the marines of the Russian Federation: ‘… near Odessa, 600 marines rebelled and did not leave the ship, because they understood what was happening.’

“The army of the invaders is demoralized and suppressed. So the victory of Ukraine is not far off!”

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