Home Business News Putin is ‘very afraid’ as Ukraine are able to ‘isolate’ Crimea and if ‘he loses the war it will be the end of him’

Putin is ‘very afraid’ as Ukraine are able to ‘isolate’ Crimea and if ‘he loses the war it will be the end of him’

by LLB political Reporter
23rd Nov 22 10:10 am

Ukraine has said on Wednesday that they do have the military means to “isolate” Crimea and Vladimir Putin is “very afraid.”

Putin knows full well that there is “no forgiveness in Russia for tsars who lose wars” and surrendering from Kherson has caused huge discontent across Moscow even for the supporters of the war.

Oleksiy Arestovich who is President Volodymyr Zelensky’s advisor warned, “If he [Putin] loses the war, at least in the minds of the Russians, it means the end.

“The end of him as a political figure. And possibly in the physical sense.”

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Russia are currently preparing miles of trenches and fortifications in Crimea as Ukraine have warned that they can regain power in the annexed peninsula “by the end of December.”

Now Ukraine has recaptured Kherson Ukrainian forces are preparing their counteroffensive in Crimea.

Russia have sent tanks, missile systems, thousands of troops with rows of tents in the area of Heniches’ka Hirka.

Crimea’s temporary governor Sergey Aksyonov confirmed Russia was carrying out “fortification work.”

Ukrainian forces are preventing Russian troops from regrouping after they took back the strategic southern port city.

Ukraine are are fighting to regain control of the Dnipro mouth to take back control over the Kinburn Spit.

Seaking with Times Radio on Wednesday Arestovich warned that Russia are “terribly afraid” of being “physically unable to hold on to Crimea” and Russian supplies to the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov will become a target for Ukrainian forces.

An expert has warned that Putin would not politically survive if Moscow loses Crimea which would lead to a “military catastrophe.”

Owen Matthews warned that the next Russian leader will be much more “scarier” than Putin should he be overthrown for his military failures.

The veteran Moscow correspondent told Sky News, “What you don’t want, what is even more current dangerous than the current situation, even more dangerous than Putin, is a revolutionary situation inside Russia where Putin falls.”

Those who could replace the Russian leader are “nationalists who are actually much more aggressive than Putin himself.”

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