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Putin is travelling in an armoured to train to Belarus as he is ‘scared’ to fly because NATO could shoot down his plane

by LLB political Reporter
17th Feb 23 12:36 pm

Vladimir Putin is travelling in an armoured train to Belarus to meet with Alexander Lukashenko in Minsk to “discuss security and defence issues.”

According to an investigative journalist Putin is travelling in an armoured train because he is “scared” to fly as he believes his private jets can be tracked and possibly shot down by NATO or even Ukraine.

Ilya Rozhdestvensky of the Dossier Center told CNN that Putin believes his armoured train is a “more secure way to travel” and “nobody will know where he’s going.”

On Thursday the Belarusian President said that he will not engage in the war in Ukraine, but will only enter the conflict if Belarus is attacked.

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According to the Institute for the Study of War, a US-based think tank, they believe Lukashenko’s statement could be to “set information conditions” ahead of Friday’s meeting with the Russian leader, but the ISW thinks it is “extraordinarily unlikely” he will.

Lukashenko also invited the US President Joe Biden to Minsk to discuss peace talks with Putin to have a “serious talk” for peace in Ukraine, which has been branded as cynical by Western officials.

Lukashenko told CNN, “If Biden has a desire, pass on to him through your channels that we are ready to welcome him in Minsk and have a serious talk with him if he wishes for peace in Ukraine.”

“Even Putin will fly to Minsk,” he added.

The Belarusian leader then appeared to mock Biden over his planned visit to Poland next week and said, “Alas, [Biden] won’t come. Though he should for the sake of ending the war, for preventing further loss of life.

“He will stay in Poland, because Poland is the hyena of Europe and plays the most active role in escalating the war in Ukraine today.”

He added, “I guarantee you that I will persuade President Putin to fly over to Minsk so that the three of us sit down and think about what can be done.”

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