Home Business News Putin has given the go ahead for ‘Russia to deploy nuclear weapons in Ukraine’ and blames the West for being ‘aggressive’

Putin has given the go ahead for ‘Russia to deploy nuclear weapons in Ukraine’ and blames the West for being ‘aggressive’

9th Aug 22 9:29 am

The former President and Prime Minister of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev has said that Vladimir Putin has given the order for “Russia to deploy nuclear weapons in Ukraine.”

Medvedev who is one of Putin’s closest and most trusted aides warned the Russian leader that the West are looking to “destroy Russia” and are acting in an “extremely aggressive” geopolitical assault on Moscow.

Medvedev who is now the deputy head of the Russian Security Council warned, “Their [The West] goal is the same – to destroy Russia.”

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“This is the root cause of the aggressive Russophobic geopolitical process initiated by the West.

“As in the case of Georgia, the Americans deliberately strengthened the feeling of impunity in Kyiv, pumped him with weapons, encouraged the killing of civilians in Donbas.

“And now they continue to exercise with Ukraine, the fate of which they absolutely do not care.

“The goal is the same – to destroy Russia.”

Putin is realising that he is losing the war in Ukraine as more than half the Russian army has been wiped out and this is now the Russian leader is at his “most dangerous” because he cannot afford to lose.

The West are fast heading into “catastrophic clash” with the Kremlin and they “need to truly understand what it’s really dealing with when it comes to Putin.”

The General SVR Telegram channel also claimed that Putin has “given direct orders to prepare such options” for tactical nuclear weapons to be used in Ukraine.

They said, “Putin usually gives orders to prepare several options for the implementation of a number of decisions.

“And after preparing all the options, he chooses the one that he likes best, immediately before the implementation of this plan.

“One of the scenarios for the development of the conflict is being actively prepared, when Putin will be able to realise the possibility of using tactical nuclear weapons.

“The recent shelling by Russian troops of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant occupied by them in Energodar is part of the implementation of this scenario.

“When this plan is implemented, part of the facilities at the station will be blown up and the power unit damaged, while Putin will speak accusing the leadership of Ukraine of nuclear terrorism, blaming Ukraine for the explosions and equating ‘nuclear terrorism’ with the use of nuclear weapons by Ukraine, giving the order to use tactical nuclear weapons as a ‘response’ measure.”

Should the nuclear power plant be blown up then this will send an unstoppable wind of “radioactive contamination” which will spread over Europe including Russia, which was seen with the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986.

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