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Putin deploys ‘round the clock’ warplanes equipped with nuclear capable ‘Dagger’ hypersonic missiles amid growing escalations

18th Aug 22 3:23 pm

Russia has announced on Thursday that three MiG-31E bombers are now deployed “round the clock” on high armed readiness in Kaliningrad.

Russia’s Defence Ministry said the 7,672MPH nuclear capable “Kinzhal” known as “Dagger in Russian,” hypersonic aero-ballistic missiles will be used in what Moscow deems to be in “emergency circumstances.”

Russia’s Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that Russia will only authorise the use of its nuclear arsenal in “emergency circumstances.”

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The Ministry claims they have no interest in a direct confrontation with NATO and their allies.

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ivan Nechaev said nuclear weapons will only be used solely as a “response” measure.

Today the Ministry said they will not demilitarise the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine after the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres warned this make Europes largest nuclear power plant “more vulnerable.”

Nechaev accused Kyiv of organising “provocations” and said they are unable to control armed groups, this is “the very reason that the proposals (on demilitarisation) are unacceptable.”

Russia’s military spokesman Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov warned today that a “provocation” will happen on Friday at the nuclear power plant.

Konashenkov added that the “man made catastrophe” would be blamed on Moscow by Ukraine to discredit the Kremlin as fighting continues around the nuclear facility.

The Russian Defence Ministry warned on Thursday that any nuclear fallout will directly impact three EU countries, Poland, Slovakia and Germany who are all members of NATO.

The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant has been under Russia’s control since March and the Russian Defence Ministry warned on Thursday that they could shut down the plant.

Should Russia do this, this would cause the nuclear power plant to over heat and pressure will build up with steam and radioactive materials could be released.

Russian troops have turned the power plant into a military garrison which has been rigged with explosives and Ukraine are warning that Moscow are preparing another “false flag attack.”

Russian commanders have ordered their troops when instructed to they must blow up the nuclear facility and not allow Ukraine to take it back.

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