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Putin ‘can’t travel by air’ as ‘he’s concerned about his own safety’ and the ‘Russia people are aware’ money is going in his pockets

by LLB political Reporter
12th Mar 23 3:39 pm

Vladimir Putin is reportedly “concerned” over his “own safety” and he cannot travel anywhere by air “close to southwestern Russia,” a former US ambassador believes.

The Russian leader is fearing for his life and is worried being ousted in a coup and is killing anyone who he thinks could be challenging him in a power grab and if anyone speaks out against the war in Ukraine.

John Sullivan said that the Russian leader is fearful of travelling by air and he will now only travel in an armoured train.

Putin is “scared” to fly as he believes his private jets can be tracked and possibly shot down by NATO or even Ukraine.

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According to an investigative journalist, Ilya Rozhdestvensky of the Dossier Center told CNN that Putin believes his armoured train is a “more secure way to travel” and “nobody will know where he’s going.”

The former US ambassador told CNN in an interview, “He can’t travel by air anywhere close to southwestern Russia in getting to Sochi, for example, one of his most favourite places to go. He can’t travel there by air.

“He’s now travelling more by train. He’s concerned about his own safety. As for the economic impacts, if the question is more about supporting his lavish lifestyle, I don’t think that’s much of a concern as concerns about his own safety.”

Asked whether Putin’s lifestyle would be affected given the vast amount sanctions imposed on Russia, Sullivan replied, “If money is going to anybody in the system, it’s going to the guy at the top and he has got plenty of it and the Russian people are aware of this.”

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