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Putin ‘willing to murder his way down to get to the men he wants in charge’ after a ‘string of mysterious deaths’

12th Mar 23 2:39 pm

There has been a “string of mysterious deaths” as Vladimir Putin is taking “out Russian elites” and is overseeing a “mafia state” for those who oppose him politically.

High profile figures, Generals, oligarchs who have challenged Putin end up being found shot dead, poisoned and many have fallen from windows in high-rise apartment blocks.

After the war started on 24 February 2022 a strong of Russian elites and ultra-nationalists started to speak out against Putin and expressed their frustrations over the conflict.

So far there has been 39 known deaths of the Russian elite or they have simply vanished for being opponents against the war in Ukraine, the Sun reports.

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Last week the Russian scientist Andrey Botikov who created the Sputnik V Covid vaccine was found strangled with a belt.

Professor Anthony Glees, an intelligence expert from the University of Buckingham, said that those who may be plotting against Putin to get rid of him are being killed.

Professor Glees said, “There are two kinds of victim, as far as we can tell: those who are opposed to Putin’s Ukraine policies, frequently involved in big Russian corporations.

“And those who Putin believes have double-crossed him, oligarchs from the world of business who have taken the money but not done his bidding, whether kept cash not meant for them, or opposed him politically, or perhaps both.

“The big question for analysts is whether these killings are ‘political’ murders of political opponents who might be plotting to get rid of Putin, or ‘mafia’ killings designed to ‘encourage’ those who have taken Putin’s gold not to stray, to understand that they were given shed loads of money – which actually belongs not to Putin but the people of Russia– to do as Putin orders, not to spend on themselves.

“In my opinion, the two things are the same: Russia under Putin has become a state where political opponents can and will be killed and Russia under Putin is a mafia state, a network of foul criminals who believe that if they don’t hang together, they will ultimately hang separately.

“Death is always there to remind Putin’s cronies of their duties.”

He then compared Putin’s ruthless streak to that of Adolf Hitler, he said, “Was Germany prior to Hitler’s death ‘stable’? Sadly, yes.

“Putin knows this and will take heart from it: after all, Hitler was defeated by the military might of his enemies, not by the hand of his own people who remained loyal to the last.

“In other words, his mafiosi conduct, killing and threatening, may seem to him not a sign of instability but proof that he can do what he wants with Russia.

“It is this that makes him so dangerous.”

Speaking to The Sun, Jon Sweet, a retired US Army Military Intelligence Officer, and Mark Toth, a national security analyst, discussed the killings of the Russian elite since the war in Ukraine started.

Toth said, “The Kremlin, absolutely, is the connective tissue behind Putin’s modern-day FSB version of Murder, Inc. when it comes to the propensity for Russia’s elite ‘falling’ out of windows, conveniently dying of ‘heart attacks’, or committing ‘suicide.’

“We can’t know exactly how many, but most of these deaths are not people dying from natural causes or self-harm.

“Lightning can strike twice in the same place, but in Russia, it has struck upwards of 35 times.

“Why are we sure it is the FSB?

“Because while there is nothing ‘quiet’ about the manner in which Russia’s scientists, key bureaucrats, oligarchs, and generals are dying, once disposed of, their cases quickly go as cold as a Russian winter.

“In other words, each in their own way, is intended as very loud messaging directed at some level of Putin’s mafia cartel, but the silence that follows these assassinations is indicative of just how expertly they are planned and executed.”

Toth added, “The Kremlin wants the Russian public to know each of these men has died, but they don’t want Putin fingered for it – at least openly.

“Putin wants and needs his death sentences to be served cold.

“He does not want his victims to see it coming. Rather, Putin uses the fear that it may come at any time as a means of suppressing dissent.

“Putin’s game, therefore, is different from most mafia structures. He is, in effect, willing to murder his way down to get to the men he wants in charge.

“By making murder a one-way street that goes in the opposite direction of the Kremlin, Putin insulates himself.”

Sweet added, “Anyone seen as a potential threat seems to have an attraction to an open window.”

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